Equality networks


In the summer of 2011, Respect, a staff equality network, was introduced by a group of staff at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, with the full support of the Foundation Trust. The development of Respect is still at an early stage but during 2012 the intention is to extend the network across all of the Foundation Trust’s hospitals and community staff.

Mission Statement for Respect Network

The aim of this network is to have provision for a group of staff members who wish to become more involved in matters relating to equality and diversity.

This group will by its nature be quite fluid in its membership and no member of staff will be excluded from the network. There will however, more than likely be a core membership who can act as advocates and signposters in matters arising. This core will also help to shape and mould the network where possible according to staff needs, and provide regular communication updates as to the group’s activities and plans. This communication will be by a variety of methods but will include articles in PULSE and the mid week messages. Each member of staff will be made aware of the group’s existence during the hospital induction period, and members of HR may also pass on details of how to contact the group.

It is hoped that the network can act as a sounding board to the Equality and Diversity Steering Group with regards to policy and training, and also feed into the Steering Group fresh ideas and information about pertinent issues both within the Trust and the wider community.

The aim is not to take over any of the activity of the Steering Group but to work alongside them in regards to respect for others beliefs and culture.

The network also wishes to provide a forum where staff can talk freely without fear of structure or hierarchy in matters where respect may have been compromised.

Are you passionate about:


  • an NHS with patients at its centre
  • care about working in an NHS which is fair and accessible to all
  • believe that diverse workplaces make organisations better

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then the RESPECT network is looking for you to become involved! The core members of the network meet quarterly to discuss ideas, information and issues, actively inputting into Trust policies and training and also feed into the Trusts Equality & Diversity Steering group. The network is also involved in increasing awareness and communications about this diverse organisation, across the organisation, including information regarding cultures and beliefs and about how we can all work towards an organisation where everyone’s individuality is embraced and valued. You can chose to either become a core member, or to work within the network in support of a particular area of interest.

Are you interested, want to do something, but feel you can’t commit the time?

You can sign up to become an NHS Employers Personal, Fair and Diverse champion. Don't be put off by the word 'champion'. The role doesn't take a lot of time, energy and experience - there are no requirements to be met. If you are passionate about an NHS with patients at its heart; care about working in an NHS which is fair and accessible to all; and believe that diverse workplaces make organisations stronger, go to www.nhsemployers.org/PFDchamps

After signing up, you will receive a welcome email from NHS Employers containing tips on the many small things that you can do as part of your day-to-day job to champion equality and fairness for patients and colleagues.

stonewall logoHampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is working in partnership with Stonewall through the Health Champions programme to better understand the health and wellbeing needs of our gay, lesbian, and bisexual population with a view to ensuring the services we offer to them as patients are accessible and consider their needs. Stonewall will also be working with us to ensure that lesbian, gay and bisexual staff are supported, and have equal opportunities for work and career progression. As our work with Stonewall progresses we will update these pages with further information.



For more information and/or to put yourself forward for the RESPECT network, please contact:

Diane Pittard

Contact within Workforce


 01256 486742