Training and Guidance



The Foundation Trust provides an extensive programme of training courses and events for managerial, clinical and non-clinical staff. (See the training pages under Work with Us). Equality and Diversity training is included as part of this programme.

A new design of mandatory and induction Equality & Diversity training has been delivered across the Trust.  Of those responding to the 2012 Staff survey 68% reported having had training in last 12 months (Acute trust average 54%).  The response in the 2011 staff survey had been 43%.

Examples of feedback from the new approach to E&D refresher and induction training:

  •     “More modern than original online training”
  •     “Interesting and thought provoking”
  •     “Put E&D into day to day context”
  •     “More enjoyable than I thought it would be!”

To match the new style face-to-face training, a new Equality & Diversity booklet was launched in August 2012.  To support the trust in reducing the time required for mandatory training, online Equality & Diversity E-Assessments were launched in February 2013.

As Equality & Diversity principles relate to everything we do in hospital life it is possible to combine training and the ideal pilot for this was Equality & Diversity and Customer Care training.  These courses were amalgamated and a redesigned course was delivered from February 2013 giving 2 competencies for attending 1 course.