July 2010 visit

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A team led by Mr Robert Bates went out to Hoima, Uganda for three weeks in July. This was the third time a team of doctors, nurses, midwives and students had visited Hoima as part of the Basingstoke - Hoima Partnership for Health. The main purpose of this visit was to set up an operating theatre at Azur Clinic in Hoima.

Azur Clinic in Hoima is a charitable hospital with a small maternity unit and until now, patients requiring caesarean section had to be transferred out. An operating theatre had been built but was so far unused. The team took out essential items of equipment which had been donated to help get the theatre underway. The clinic had hired four extra members of staff - two nurses to work in theatre and two to work in recovery and on the ward. They have one surgeon - Dr Manzi Milton who only qualified one year ago!

The team set to work and within three days carried out the first caesarean section at Azur. In all, the team went on to carry out 19 caesarean deliveries in three weeks. All 19 procedures were carried out under spinal anaesthesia with patients awake. All members of staff received training in neonatal resuscitation and care of the newborn. By the time Mr Robert Bates and his team left they were pleased to see the Ugandan team taking charge of the service and running the unit by themselves. The average length of stay was three days and there were no post operative complications or wound infections. The team will be returning in October to see how they are progressing.