Safe staffing information

Welcome to our nursing and midwifery safe staffing pages.

We assess our staffing levels on every ward at every shift to make sure we deliver high-quality care based on responding to the patients’ needs.

The ward sister, nurse or midwife-in-charge and matrons review staffing levels and incidents for every shift, every day.  This review is overseen by our Chief Nurse who plays an active role in making sure the right staff are deployed in the right place across each of our hospitals.

This assessment is based on the number of patients as well as the needs of those patients, and it’s important to have the correct skill mix of staff as well as the appropriate number of staff on shift.  When we experience unexpected staff shortages on a ward, the staff member in charge of the ward is supported to assess the impact on the patients and make the necessary adjustments to ensure patient care is not compromised.

In addition, our staff are flexible and work hard to meet patients’ needs day in, day out. 

We are very open about our staffing data, which is discussed with our Governors, scrutinised by our Board every month and published on our website.

On these pages you will find a range of information, including:

  • 6-Month board papers outlining how we set, monitor and review our staffing levels
  • Detailed information about the staffing levels on our wards shift by shift, day by day
  • Monthly reports that are discussed by the trust board, reviewing staffing levels, harm-free care rates, and detailing what we are doing to address any issues we identify with the staffing levels
  • Copies of information we submit to NHS England, and which gets published on NHS Choices.

In addition to this information you will find detail of staffing levels for every ward.  On every ward we also display the planned number of nursing, midwifery, and care staff alongside the actual number of staff present on the ward that day.  If you have any concerns about the staffing levels on a ward, please talk to the staff member in charge.

You can also view information on our staffing levels on NHS Choices website.

We hope that you find this information useful. 

Andover War Memorial Hospital

Countess of Brecknock Hospice
Kingfisher Ward


Click here to see related performance information on NHS Choices

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

C2 E3
C3 E4
C4 F1
Critical Care F3
D1 G2
D2 Isolation Ward
D3 Maternity
D5 Overton Unit
DTC Wessex Ward
ED SSW Womens Health Unit


 Click here to see related performance information on NHS Choices

Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Anthony Letchworth Ward Northbrook Ward
Bartlett Ward NNU
Clarke Ward Shawford Ward
Clifton Ward St Cross Ward
Critical Care TC Ward
ED Twyford Ward
Freshfield Ward Victoria Ward 
Kemp Welch Ward Wainwright Ward
Maternity Wykeham Ward 


Click here to see related performance information on NHS Choices


NHS Safety Thermometer

The NHS Safety Thermometer collects and publishes information from hospital trusts around the country on harms which can occur during a hospital stay. It allows hospital staff to see the proportion of the patients who experience ‘new harm- free care’ and is updated every month.

Click here for the latest results for HHFT






updated 18 January 2019

Safe staffing monthly Board report

Safe staffing six-month Board report

Every six months we carry out a review of our staffing levels and report this to the Board. 

The first of these reviews was in April 2014.

Unify data

Below links provide the detailed information behind the monthly staffing fill rate percentages published on NHS Choices. This feeds into the national database called Unify.

September 2018

August 2018

July 2018

June 2018

May 2018

April 2018

February 2018

January 2018



Archive Unify data