What is a Foundation Trust?

NHS Foundation Trusts were established under the Health and Social Care (Community Standards) Act 2003 as public benefit organisations. We are run according to our constitution.

NHS Foundation Trusts are part of the NHS and subject to NHS standards, performance ratings and systems of inspection, operating to NHS principles of free care. The difference with a Foundation Trust is that it is run locally, with local people having a say in how they wish their services to be developed.

  • NHS Foundation Trusts are part of the NHS - care is free at the point of delivery.
  • Foundation Trusts are free from Government control and are regulated by NHSI.
  • FTs are accountable to the public, patients and staff though a Council of Governors elected by members. Membership is free and open to all.
  • FTs are able to generate surplus funds and reinvest them in clinical services.
  • FTs can develop services to meet local needs, available in a range of locations in the community. 




updated 15 January 2019