Winners 2014

Individual nurse / healthcare assistant / midwife

Alison JuppSurgical Services
Alison Jupp
Junior Sister on C4 Ward 

I would very much like Alison to be recognised for her outstanding support she has given to me and my daughter throughout her frequent admissions. Including a particularly long stay last Summer. My daughter has a difficult complicated little understood multiple conditions, which are difficult to explain to staff as to what is going on. My daughter suffers a great deal of pain and urology related issues which some staff very much underestimate the issues and impact of the pain and total personal physical problems.
Part of me is reluctant nominating Alison as I don’t want her to move away from the ward!
I know my daughter will be admitted again and having Alison there when she is, means so much.
Each time my daughter is admitted, we look for Alison. We know that if she is on duty that she will quietly calmly promptly and efficiently see to my daughters needs and most importantly make her feel safe and reassured. Some how Alison manages to not only look after the medical side of things but care for my daughter holistically, and know how important it is that my daughter feels she can rely on Alison to sort things out.
Alison also always has time to support m in supporting my daughter and understand the pressures and strains.
This lady deserves a medal. She never stops! Other staff do not achieve a fraction of what Alison does on her duty and still gives individual personal prompt care. Alison has frequently given a encouraging listening ear, which is beyond understadning of how much difference this makes.
People often think they don’t have time to do this. But Alison can do this in minutes when she is attending to medical things. That is all it takes. And so underestimated by most.
There are so many examples I can give but there are too many. Alison has given care and outstanding nursing support consistently. That is the key point.
Alison has a unique considerate approach to each and every patient. Alison some how always makes us and each patient feel special. Some how no matter what is happening on the ward or how busy, in a couple of minutes can reassure and give medication as required , make comfortable and give comfort.
I have no idea how she does it. No matter how tired she may be, she always has time for each and every one as individuals. Some how very quickly understanding situations and impacts of the problems.
My daughter has an on-going, extremely distressing and painful condition, which sometimes we feel will never improve.

Individual nurse / healthcare assistant / midwife

Kelly HobbsMedical Services
Kelly Hobbs
Healthcare Assistant on E3 Ward 

My father was on E3 from 30 October and sadly passed away on 15 November 2013.  During his time on the ward, Kelly Hobbs went above and beyond the care of my father.  When on duty she seems to be aware of everything going on, and was there whenever a patient needed help, as well as being available if I needed to ask for something.  One day when I arrived on the ward, I found her sat on the edge of my dad's bed stroking his head as he was having a very bad day.  She also checked on me on a regular basis to make sure I was ok, and to see if I needed anything.  At the end, she was there with me as my father passed away.  Her passion for the care of my father was exceptional.  She made sure my father was comfortable and warm even washing and changing him just hours before he passed away.   When my father passed away she was there to comfort me, explained what was going to happen now, in a caring and compassionate way.  I also think Kelly should be put forward to become a nurse, as with her caring nature she would become a great nurse.

Individual nurse / healthcare assistant / midwife

Pauline BawdenFamily and Clinical Support Services
Pauline Bawden
Sister on Women's Health Unit 

Her patient care was amazing.  The way Pauline spoke to all patients and showed empathy made me feel at ease.  She is clearly a true professional and an asset to Basingstoke hospital.  She genuinely made me feel welcome an not like a statistic. For being a nurse 30yrs she still seems to show the same compassion.

In June 2013 my world came crashing down, I had suffered a miscarriage 8 weeks into my pregnancy. The staff on EPAU were outstanding, they listened, offered guidance and support but mostly showed that they cared both for myself and for my husband.
Sadly on October 15th 2013, I yet again appeared on the EPAU. I was 10 weeks and 6 days pregnant, but tragically had yet again miscarried. Pauline was there again to offer me comfort, a hand to hold , a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to my pain and anguish. I had to go to Theatre and when I came back Pauline was there again to offer her support, I was admitted over night due to being unwell, at around 10.30pm (around an hour after her shift had finished) Pauline came to see me to say good bye , to give me a much needed hug and to let me know that I would be ok.
The whole team on EPAU are amazing but Pauline absolutely goes the extra mile, she is a kind, caring, compassionate lady who I feel deserves extra recognition.
Miscarriage is an awful experience to go through , your hopes and dreams are completely shattered, but to have someone like Pauline around to help you is the best medicine ever. She couldn't and never will be able to take away my pain , but she was a guiding light through it and I will be eternally grateful to her.

We met Pauline under very sad circumstances as we'd had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks.  We couldn't have expected to be dealt with so sympathetically and respectfully.  My husband and I really felt that she was with us every step of the way - incredibly supportive, patient and so caring.  I can only hope that every woman who has to go through such a tragic loss finds themselves in such fantastic care.

Nursing / midwifery team

C3Surgical Services
C3 Ward 

I had to have mergency surgery on Christmas eve.  The nurses on C3 looked after me so well and nothing was too much trouble.  Every one of them was always there to help me whenever I needed it.

Excellent all round care from everyone.

I have been very impressed with the standard of care and efficiency while I have been here.  Nothing seems too much trouble and they don’t mind giving you any information which is very reassuring.

Wonderful care and lovely cheerful disposition!

I started to be very ill about four and a half years ago.  I was very scared at to what I would be having done to me.  They took the time to sit and listen to me and explain anything I didn't understand.  I found them to be thorough, in each and every tasks they may be set.  They made my stay in hospital a lot easier.  Thank you.

I have nominated some individual nurses who I felt deserved a special mention but actually the whole team have cared for me perfectly over the past 6 weeks since I was admitted.  Everything they do is with such care and compassion that I will be sad to leave them all.  Thank you.


Nursing / midwifery team

Isolation WardMedical Services
Isolation Ward

All of the staff have been amazing with my dad.   They have gone above and beyond for him.  It is never too much trouble for them to stop and talk to him, helping him in any way they could.  Wonderful people, the staff are absolute Angels!!

I would not like to single any individual out as they were all very good, considerate and went above their normal care and duty.

Each nurse was excellent with the care and treatment given to me.  It would be wrong of me to choose an individual as they were all so helpful.

The staff on the ward have been most caring and helpful I have ever known in hospital.  Nothing has been too much trouble or effort.  I would also like to say a special thank you to the Sister on the ward, who has been the most caring person ever.

No matter how busy they are, all the nurses found the time to stop and talk to me if I felt like I needed to talk.  When asked if I'm ok, I knew that they genuinely wanted to hear my answer, rather than just being polite.  This is the best ward I've been on.  The staff are all caring and always have a smile of their faces; which makes a huge difference.  If I ever have to come back and I had a choice of where to go, I wouldn't hesitate to choose the isolation ward.  I would nominate every member of staff on the ward if I could because I cannot fault a single one of them on anything.

I have been an inpatient on the Isolation ward for the past 2 weeks.  All the staff, from nurses to housekeeping - basically anyone involved in patient care, have been absolutely amazing.  They have always been kind, thoughtful and very sympathetic.  They have gone well beyond what would be expected from them.  I have had numerous stays in hospitals over the past few years and this stay was most definitely the best.  Everyone was always going that extra mile to make a difference.  Prior to this stay in hospital I unfortunately had a very poor view of the NHS, but the ladies and men on isolation ward have definitely changed my view. 


Nursing / midwifery team

Anthony Letchworth WardFamily and Clinical Support Services
Anthony Letchworth Ward

Their care and patience is above and beyond!!  The team on Anthony Letchworth Ward are fantastic, they made my stay in hospital and recovery process much easier.  Thank you

The nursing team at the ATL ward at Winchester hospital were completely instrumental in my recovery. Having to be admitted twice under emergency conditions, I can honestly say that the thought of returning to hospital was softened only at the prospect of seeing the caring staff at the ward, which already took a weight off my mind. I have spent time in 2 other hospitals and this experience has been superior in every way. The nursing team work together with such an energy and positive attitude which seems unrelentless in the face of long hours and occasionally difficult patients. I have not only witnessed, but also been the recipient of their compassionate, patient care. In the almost 20 days in total I've spent on the ward, I have seen shifts of nurses come and go and the mix of personalities all work together as the most professional and coherent team...the nurses here seem to genuinely and tirelessly love what they do. They are always available and I felt constantly paid attention to. They remembered personal things too, which was above and beyond. I have no doubt that their particular care, constant encouragement and commitment to excellence is the reason I am well on my way to a full recovery and have a positive attitude about it. They shine as ambassadors for the NHS and I feel privileged to have been under their care. I cannot sing their praises enough. 

For looking after me 30/01/14 - 04/02/14. They are an amazing bunch of staff, they always want to help whether it is their job or not, they help each other and they do anything for you, no other words can describe them, they are amazing! I was welcomed and have they have helped me a lot.

Everyone treated me with respect, they were very friendly, helpful, answering any questions I had and made me feel at complete ease at this very difficult time after having a miscarriage.  Although having to go through this procedure was not pleasant they really put my mind at ease, and if anyone ever suffered the misfortune of a miscarriage, I would definitely recommend.

I was admitted to Anthony Letchworth Ward at the end of July with a breast abscess, the treatment for which required intravenous antibiotics. The care I received whilst an inpatient was second to none - the staff were always on hand if needed, explained everything that they were doing and managed quite intimate procedures with dignity, care and humour where appropriate. I felt they all really got to know me as a person rather than just a diagnosis which made my stay a much easier experience. Following discharge I had a recurrence of breast pain and after an emotional telephone call to the Breast Care team I was seen on an outpatient basis within 2 working days. I have been monitored and reviewed which I have found extremely reassuring given a family history of breast cancer.  This whole team is very special.

Allied Health Professional Individual / team

Abbi LascelledAbbi Lascelles

Oh my goodness! How to nominate Abbi? I'll tell the story... I arrived for Physio almost unable to walk from the pain in my back and joints. I was in tears because of it, struggling to work and wondering about the point of going on. I was met by someone cheerful, confident and reassuring. Even though my case was confusing and complicated by my suffering with stress and depression, Abbi just did not give up on me. She made it clear that, until I was well-enough in all ways, I would be in her care. She identified the physical source of the back pain and treated that with outstanding care. She made sure I got support for a Rheumatology referral and supported me when my employer made life very difficult because of the illness.
As my care passes to others, Abbi has made sure that the transition is smooth and that I feel confident in facing the next steps. Over three months that have tested every resolve I have, Abbi has been a constant and encouraging presence, always going that extra bit to help me to recover. If I am now able to work again, to contribute to society, it is to a great extent because of the incredible quality of care that Abbi has given me. I really don't think I would still be here if Abbi had not been there. She has given me the confidence to walk, to work and carry-on. For her outstanding care, her approach to supporting me as a patient and her willingness to make sure I recover and can return to life and work, I would like to nominate Abbi Lascelles for "Above and Beyond". Hampshire Hospitals is fortunate to have her and I was fortunate to be her patient. Thank you, Abbi.


Chief Medical Officer Award

Susan BellowsSusan Bellows
Play Therapy Assistant on Northbrook Ward

My son Toby has very severe disabilities and is often in hospital.  He is 7 1/2 years old and has been going to Northbrook since he was 5 months old.  It is always a very scary time being in hospital and from day one Sue has always been so positive and happy and I feel always goes beyond her job role to make my son and me feel at ease when we stay.  Toby is very big for his age so has made doing things such as bathing/washing hair, changing a nappy or putting fresh clothes on a struggle.  Sue is always there to help and often has stayed longer to ensure he's happy.  She is so caring and has always taken the time to care for me too.  I never like leaving Toby for the whole time he's in hospital, but Sue will sit with Toby and never leave him just so I can go and get a drink or some food.  She makes sure I look after myself too.  Toby's condition means he is unable to play, but she always makes sure he has something he will enjoy like music and lights and if it's not available she will go out of her way to find it.  I honestly don't think I would have coped so well over the last seven years coming into hospital without her!  She goes with little or no praise because she is not a nurse or doctor, but I feel she should be acknowledged for all she does.  She's a very special lady and special to us.

Maggy Wallace Award

Wallace Award VictoriaVictoria Ward

Outstanding customer care for a cancer patient in palliative care.  This also includes great care and support for the patients family.  I want to highlight this team, in particular Kate for the care they showed our family throughout the most traumatic period of our lives.

As a team they work very well together.  Friendly and happy all the time.  I hope some of the younger trainee nurses do well as they have great potential follow, follow the leader, one great team.

All the staff looked after me so well, I could not name an individual.  Victoria Ward was fantastic!

During my stay of a few days, it would be unfair to try and nominate any one individual. Each member of staff I came into contact with showed the highest levels of friendly efficiency and team work.  Patient comfort and attention was of highest order, nothing too much trouble at any time of day or night.

All very caring and attentive.  Everything well kept and clean, delightful, helpful staff, nothing is too much trouble and all carried out with a smile.

The staff are all committed and caring.  It is a very difficult job to look after elderly patients, (some quite confused and physically disadvantaged, whose demands are more frequent and unpredictable than most) and they manage to cope with it in an efficient and even tempered way.

Very helpful even though very busy.  Gave privacy when needed and made every effort to help me when I needed it.

The nursing care I received could not be better.  I thank each and every nurse here.

Rotary Club of Andover Award

Julie DayJulie Day
Staff Nurse on Day Surgery

Julie was very approachable, friendly and helpful during my gastric endoscopy appointment.  I felt I was treated as a person rather than just as a patient.  I was made to feel at ease and was not at all intimidated.  Julie gave me the time I needed to ask all of the questions I wanted and provided knowledgeable, informative and pertinent answers, as well as reassurance and sensible, helpful advice.  Overall the experience at AWMH was very professional.

Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane Award

C3_rotaryC3 Ward

Thank you to all the staff for helping make my stay on the ward a comfortable one (as comfortable as a hospital stay can be).  Reassuring myself and my family and tending to my needs as required.  I know sometimes you are stretched to the limits but I would like to thank you for the fantastic level of care.

The nurses on C3 are all brilliant.  They treat you with the utmost respect at all times, but manage to enjoy a laugh with their patients delivering care with kindness, compassion and fun and that is not easy when performing personal care, they never moan and always say 'that's what we are here for'.  Whilst I was an inpatient on C3 my husband died and everyone was so kind to me.  The ward sister even escorted me to his funeral as i wasn't well enough to go alone.  Both myself and my husband have been nursed on C3 at various times and I cannot fault anything.

Because everyone has been so kind and helpful since I have been in here.

I have been in and out of hospital for nearly 8 years and have found C3 staff and ward the most helpful and dedicated to all patients.  I have had several operations and the staff have supported and given me all the care I needed.  I once had an operationi and the nurses went to get me up, as I stood up my wound opened up, they calmed me down and proceeded to clean up and the staff were so kind to me.  There has been so many occasion where I have needed help and they have always helped and supported me.  Thank you.

Rotary Club of Winchester Award

Victoria RotaryVictoria Ward

I would like to nominate all the staff on  Victoria Ward for the kindness and sensitivity they have shown to my wonderful mother-in-law, Jacquline, during her unexpected and extended stay in hospital.  Please pass on my grateful thanks to everyone who has been invovled in Jacquline's care.

Their clinical expertise is self-evident and obviously very important.  In addition however, they show kindness and compassion and gel well as a team.  They act above and beyond the call of duty and I have felt loved and valued while under their care.  They do not judge (I am an alcoholic).  The ancillary staff who make the tea and clean the ward also deserve a mention.

Norman spent over 10 weeks in Winchester Hospital leading up to his death on 13 Oct 2013.  His last few weeks were spent in Victoria Ward.  Every member of staff that Norman's family encountered during his stay showed exemplary levels of patient and visitor care.  During Norman's last few days, the Victoria team did everything in their power to ensure he was comfortable and looked after us (his family) as we stayed by Norman's bed.  The level of care and compassion and the time given to Norman ensured that during this sad and difficult time, his wife and family were able to deal with losing Norman without worrying about his care.  We would like all the staff on Victoria Ward to be thanked for their exceptional customer care and compassion.

I just felt the whole team was very caring and supportive, which helped in my recover.

Because of the level of care!

They are all kind, caring and do the most wonderful job.  They work really hard to make sure all the patients needs are cared for.