Winners 2015

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Individual nurse / healthcare assistant / midwife

Mary MackrillSurgical Services

Charlotte Dore
Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Pain Services

Photo: Sister Mary Mackrill on behalf of Charlotte Dore

“Charlotte is an amazingly compassionate person, very highly skilled in her field and very dedicated.  I presented with chronic, debilitating back ache - 35 years of constant pain.  Through her knowledge, expertise and dedication Charlotte recommended appropriate medication and therapy.  Through Charlotte's work I am now spending considerable lengths of time on 'pain holiday' - an incredible experience - and am working out at the gym every other day, losing weight and feeling very optimistic about becoming a useful human again. I have my life back.  How do you thank someone who has done so much for you? ”

Individual nurse / healthcare assistant / midwife

JJean Hannington on behalf of Isabel BallMedical Services

Isabel Ball
Healthcare Assistant, Ward E3

Photo: Sister Jean Hannington on behalf of Isabel Ball

Individual nurse / healthcare assistant / midwife

Louise wentFamily and Clinical Support Services

Louise Went
Midwife, Maternity

“We cannot thank Lou enough for all of the help and support she gave us during the birth of our daughter Jessica. When we had an emergency scan at 28 weeks and found that our daughter had passed away it was devastating for us and our families. Lou came in as an extra midwife to provide care just for us which was incredible.  Lou provided us with the answers to all our questions while offering reassurance. She knew exactly when we needed support and also when we needed our time alone together.  Lou cared for Jessica like she was her own, she ensured we had the most perfect hand and footprints and was wrapped in a soft blanket for our family photos. Lou cared for me as well as my husband, and even looked after my parents after their long drive, she went above and beyond throughout....after all this she stayed late to continue to look after us, even though she had a holiday to pack for!  The time we spent with Jessica was so precious to us and this was only made possible by the care that Lou gave, every time I think of Jessica it is with fondness, not sadness and I know how lucky we were to have had Lou as our midwife."

Nursing / midwifery team

C2Surgical Services

Ward C2


Nursing / midwifery team

Isolation wardMedical Services

Isolation Ward

Nursing / midwifery team

womens health unitFamily and Clinical Support Services

Women's Health Unit


Allied Health Professional individual / team

F1 therapyWard F1 Oakley Unit Therapy Team


Chief Medical Officer Award

CMO rahul chananRahul Chanan
Healthcare Assistant, Ward F1 Oakley Unit


The Wallace Award

Wallace IsolationIsolation Ward


Rotary Club of Andover Award

kate henningKate Henning
Sister, Minor Injuries Unit

Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane Award

pauline bawdenPauline Bawden
Sister, Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

“When we experienced the sudden loss of our son, at 14 weeks, our hearts were so heavy, our bodies in shock and we were utterly broken. Many friends and family have said no words would help - they may be right.  What helped enormously in our moment of need was the remarkable care, support, thoughtfulness, time and sensitivity of those in the closest proximity to us over the initial 24 hours. Pauline was one person who made a real difference.  When decisions seemed so complex, she made them clear; when others were busy she gave us time. When others had gone home, Pauline stayed and she prayed and was there by our side at the service in the chapel as we said goodbye."

Rotary Club of Winchester Award

Anthony Letchworth WardAnthony Letchworth Ward

"They were magnificent to not only me but my son as well.  Your philosophy, of everything being team work is 100% spot on, all patients are at the centre of everything that everyone does.  Super efficient and extremely fast, all the staff work, yet when they are at the patient's side, time stands still and no patient is ever left feeling that they are needed anywhere else but there at the side of that patient.  No one ever complained about all the hot mugs of water that I asked for and no one ever treated me like anything other than Royalty or a minor celebrity.  As I said at the beginning the team work is what it’s all about I cannot speak more highly or more glowingly of every single person that I came into contact with.”

10th Anniversary Award

Jeanne ProsserJeanne Prosser
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Gastroenterology

“My partner was monitored and treated under the care of specialist Nurse Jeanne Prosser. In understanding the monumental difference she has made to both our lives. When he met Jeanne for the first time, the impression she made on him, the care she showed him, the consistent, calm plan that she described to him, clearly and patiently, had an impact that he was completely unprepared for. We did wonder if the first meeting with her would be the best one. We had both attended, I wanted to understand what the treatment was and how it worked. How the monitoring would be done and what the effects would be. Jeanne welcomed us both, she listened to and answered both our questions clearly and with such care. As she talked, I could see his barriers start to come down, he began to really listen to her, and ask his own questions. Something he had never done before. For the first time, he was treated with respect, compassion, care and a really clear, positive approach. For six months, without fail, we attended every single appointment, and without fail, Jeanne was there every single time. For six whole months, Jeanne rang me every week, then every two weeks to give me the results of his bloods. If there was any change she took time to call me to discuss these and put them in perspective. Jeanne knew my work schedule and called at a time when she knew I could talk. She put a plan in place where if I did not have a call it was because all was well. It was because of Jeanne that we were able to have the prescriptions delivered to my home, which meant I could oversee him taking the medicine and the injections correctly and on time. Jeanne enabled us to book appointments at the hospital to fit around my work. she stayed late to accommodate us more than once, after her clinic had officially ended. She explained to him that these obstacles would be overcome, and in doing so she gave him the strength to not give up. During this time, Jeanne also looked after me, she took the time to ask how I was coping. She was, in short, an absolute tower of strength, in every way, for both of us, in all aspects of our lives, We will never be able to fully express our deepest and most sincere thanks for the way she has helped us, in so many ways, We know that Jeanne went above and beyond what would normally be expected to care for us both throughout this difficult time, and we would dearly like her to be recognised for this. We are so grateful we had her, and whether she wins this award or not, we would like this testament to be given to her so she is left in no doubt at all of the difference she made to both of us."