Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital to feature on national television

STAFF and patients in Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital’s Emergency Department will play a starring role on national television over the coming weeks.

Tuesday 07 March 2017


The hospital opened its doors to Bizarre ER, a show that focuses on some of most unusual casualties arriving at A&E, and will feature in a new 10-part series beginning next Tuesday night (14 March) on E4.

Basingstoke hospital is one of four hospitals across the UK featured in the series, which follows patients as they receive treatment in the Emergency Department and elsewhere in the hospital.

Patients waiting to be treated could choose whether or not to take part in the filming and a number of scenes from Basingstoke hospital are set to feature during the series. These include a man who fired a nail into his leg using a nail gun, a woman who got a keyring hooked onto her hand and another man who got his fingers caught in a lawnmower.

Clare Knock, clinical matron in the Emergency Department at Basingstoke hospital, said: “We are all very proud to work here and enjoyed the chance to showcase our skills when the film crew were on site. We will all be watching the programme when it goes on air.

“It should give people a real understanding of the work that goes on in an Emergency Department and how we have the expertise to deal with a really wide range of injuries.”