National coagulation conference

OVER 150 clinicians and other experts in bleeding disorders came together from all over the country last month at a national conference in Oxfordshire, organised by the Scientific Academic Coagulation Consortium (SACC) and Haemophilia Services at Basingstoke hospital.

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Richard Oates SACC

Richard Oates, who was treated by Hampshire Hospitals, addresses the conference


The New Frontiers in Coagulation conference was the second event of its kind, attracting speakers from around the world.
All of the talks received excellent feedback from the delegates and are available online at

A highlight of the event was when two of our patients spoke about their experiences of being in a ground-breaking gene therapy trial.  

Lee Welsh shared with the audience his personal experience and motivations for being the first ever patient to try this new pioneering treatment. 

He said: “I had no reservations about taking part. This was something I could do to help make treatments better in the future and I had a lot of support from my doctors and nurses at Basingstoke - who I have known all my life.”

Richard Oates, who was the second person in the trial, said: “I did not need any further Factor VIII treatment for many months, to the point that I forgot I had haemophilia and started doing ill-advised things like scuba-diving! 

“Taking part in a trial isn’t always convenient, but it’s important as it improves treatment options for others in the future, and I have also benefited from it myself.”

On the back of the success of this conference, the date for the hugely anticipated 2018 conference has already been set. SACC would like to thank all of the sponsors who supported the event.