Reducing delays for our patients

STAFF attending a special launch event heard about some of the ways in which our Trust is striving to improve patient experience and reduce length of stay.

Tuesday 03 October 2017


Marc Berry speaks during the launch event

The Non-Elective Programme Launch Event took place in The Ark, BNHH, on Monday 2 October, featuring presentations from senior leaders and clinical staff.

Dr Andrew Bishop, chief medical officer, introduced the event, explaining how delayed discharges affect patients and the Trust, while Donna Green, chief nurse, highlighted the importance of teamwork.

Marc Berry, a project manager in the transformation team, explained how he has been working with exemplar wards to introduce and refine ways of working to improve patient care that are now ready to be rolled out in other areas.

Gill Massey, another member of the transformation team, explained the idea of Red to Green days. A red day is a day when there is no active progress made to help a patient on their journey towards discharge from hospital. The reasons behind red days can be identified, with common problems escalated, giving staff an opportunity to find ways to reduce or eliminate these delays.

Gill said: “Patients are at the heart of Red to Green. It’s about making sure that interventions in hospital eliminate wasted time for patients.”

Therapy lead Nicky Austin spoke about the discharge to assess pathway and how staff from HHFT and Southern Health are working closely together to get patients’ ongoing care needs assessed in their homes.

She explained how assessing patients in hospital, where they have a different bed and are in an unfamiliar environment, makes it almost impossible to carry out proper assessments and how patients do much better when assessed in their home environments.

The event was closed by chief operating officer, Julie Maskery, who said: “All of us, no matter who we are or what we do, have a role in this and can help to get the best outcomes for patients.

“What we really want is for everyone to contribute ideas and thoughts to how we get this working on all wards.”

Senior leaders and clinical staff talk about some of the measures being introduced to help ensure that patients are able to leave our hospitals when they are well enough to do so.

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