WOW! Awards

Through the WOW! awards we recognise the hard work and contribution of our staff.

If you or a loved one has received care from us that has exceeded your expections, we encourage you to nominate the team or the member of staff that has made a difference to you. 


The WOW! Awards recognise our staff that consistently demonstrate our values:

Care and Compassion



Encouraging each other to always do our best

Customer care

This category is looking to reward individuals or teams that exceed patient or visitor expectations, making their stay or visit more memorable.

Above and Beyond the call of duty

This category is designed to recognise and rewards individuals and teams who have gone above and beyond their formal, identified job duties to exceed the needs of our patients, visitors and staff.

Patient Safety

The purpose of this award is to recognise those that consistently set a high standard of clinical excellence through improvement in systems that result in the reduction of potential harm to patients or help to create and promote a culture of openness, sharing and learning.


This award is given to an individual or team who have developed and implemented an innovative idea in medicine, technology, education or finance with the proven potential to make a significant contribution or change to improving efficiency, cost reduction, technology or changes in practice.


This award recognises individuals who can demonstrate by thier own actions they have changed or inspired others to reduce the carbon footprint (eg energy saving, recycling, reduction in waste)

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 updated 21 January 2019