Dr Alison Milne

Speciality: Haematology

Role at hospital

Consultant haematologist

PI for a portfolio of Lymphoma trials.

TYA Lead for designated Unit.

Educational Supervisor. 

Specialist interests

Lymphoma management and trials.

Teenage and young adult cancer care provision.

General and immune haematology.

Palliative care in haematology and ethics.

Other roles

On Lymphoma National study group.

Additional information and comments

I have had numerous senior management roles within the trust as Head of Department and been Clinical Director for Pathology. I was on the Board of St Michael's Hospice for 17 years until 2013. I was Chair of the Central South Coast Haematology Site Specific group 3 year tenure ending 2013. In addition I have been Regional Advisor to the Royal College of Pathologist.

I have been instrumental in the development of the Elizabeth Hall Centre and am committed to the development and provision of holistic care to our patients.

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