Dr Richard Shaffer

Speciality: Oncology


Dr Richard Shaffer

Role at hospital

Consultant Oncologist treating prostate and bladder tumors (honorary contract) - appointed 2010

Specialist interests

I treat prostate and bladder cancer in Basingstoke

My research was centred on the comparison of a new technical radiotherapy technique called VMAT (subsequently known as RapidArc) with intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for various disease sites, including prostate, brain and paediatric tumors.

I treat patients with brain tumors and skin cancer in the SWSH network.

I have recently started treating patients with radiotherapy for early Dupuytren’s disease, since it was NICE-approved in November 2010. I am currently submitting a business case to make this treatment available on the NHS.

Other roles

  • Chair of the IMRT-IGRT group at St Lukes Cancer Centre
  • Chair of the SWSH network brain and CNS tumour working group
  • Member of NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Brain Clinical Studies Group
  • Medical advisor to the British Dupuytren’s Society


Dupuytren's Radiotherapy

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