The dermatology service is based in the outpatient department and has its own dedicated day treatment unit. The service is led by three consultants and a team of specialist nurses.

Day treatment procedures include minor operations performed by the consultants and a variety of treatments carried out by the nurses, including combinations of ultraviolet light treatment and application of topical treatments, baths and ionotophoresis for hyperhidrosis.

The nurse specialists also provide both telephone and face to face consultation advice and education to patients suffering from chronic skin diseases.


Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital Staff


Dr Hilary Fawcett Consultant Dermatologist 01256 486787
Dr Janet Holder Consultant Dermatologist 01256 486787
Dr Eugenia Toumbis Consultant Dermatologist 01256 486787
Shuk Yates Dermatology Sister 01256 486787
Annemette Williams Dermatology Nurse Specialist 01256 486787
Hayley Cheesman Dermatology Staff Nurse 01256 486787


Royal Hampshire County Hospital Staff

Dr Geeta Belgi Consultant Dermatologist 01962 824152
Dr Sam Hunt Consultant Dermatologist 01962 824152
Dr Rowena McKenzie Consultant Dermatologist 01962 824152
Sarah Madden Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist  01962 824100  
Joy Koch Dermatology Nurse Specialist  01962 824104  
Lisa Connellan  Dermatology Nurse Specialist  01962 825301  
Helen Fletcher Dermatology Sister  01962 825466  
Angela Court  Dermatology Staff Nurse 01962 825466  
Community Dermatology Service   01962 824149


Equality Service Profile - January to March 2013

This report provides a profile of the patients who access this service from an Equality perspective.  If you have any questions regarding this report, please do not hesitate to contact either the services Operational Services Manager or Clinical Services Manager.

Dermatology services report


Phototherapy / Day treatment
01256 313268