Elderly Care

Elderly care, acute stroke and rehabilitation services

Elderly Care consists of a 32-bed ward F2 providing care for older patients with a range of conditions, including many with mental health and social care needs. The adjacent 22-bed Oakley Unit provides an acute stroke and rehabilitation service for adults of all ages. Both wards are located on F-floor at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

These wards manage the care of patients with cognitive impairment due to stroke, dementias and acute confusion, and are involved in complex discharge planning by a multi-disciplinary team to ensure a safe and effective discharge. We are very fortunate to work closely with the local mental health liaison team. In line with the National Service Framework for Older People, there is an important focus on falls prevention and falls management.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the inpatient experience and our communication with relatives and carers, and welcome feedback to ensure our standards continue to be met.

The key focus of the modern matron role is to ensure patients receive quality care. In particular special attention is given to ensuring patients’ nutritional needs are met through the introduction of a red tray scheme for patients who require assistance to eat or who require their intake to be monitored closely. Matron Helen Paterson is passionate about the importance of high standards of care and ensuring that dignity and respect are at the heart of all patient care. This is particularly important in elderly and stroke care services, where many patients may be unable to express their needs effectively. Listening to feedback from patients and relatives is essential to monitoring the care we provide and to ongoing review of our standards, whether this is positive feedback or the result of a concern or complaint. Matron Paterson is always happy to speak to patients or relatives to gain positive feedback or to listen to and address any concerns or complaints related to patient care or service provision.

Environmental cleanliness and reducing the risk of cross infection are of paramount importance at all times. A key responsibility for the modern matron is to ensure that all our staff follow best practice guidance. We are ably supported by a team of housekeeping assistants, led by the senior housekeeper, who maintain a high standard of environmental cleanliness.

There are risks associated with caring for older or disabled patients, in particular the risk of falling. Falls may lead to injury and loss of confidence. We must balance the risk of falls against the need to promote rehabilitation and independence. There are many factors that influence the likelihood that a patient may fall and not all falls are preventable, however all patients at risk of falling are assessed to identify underlying factors and action taken where appropriate, as per our Foundation Trust falls policy. The modern matron has a lead role in ensuring that we are following best practice guidelines and that staff have access to relevant information related to the prevention and management of falls in hospital.

Red tray scheme

Red TrayThis scheme was introduced in 2007 to ensure that staff are readily able to identify which patients require assistance when distributing meals. A label saying “assistance required” is attached to the patient’s menu card on the ward, which prompts the catering department to put the meal on a red tray prior to loading on the meal trolley.

On delivering a meal on a red tray, the nurse or care assistant will stay with the patient if assistance is required, or return to document what has been eaten if assistance is not needed but the patient’s intake must be monitored. The red tray will not be routinely collected by the domestic staff, thus ensuring that all patients who require assistance are readily identified.


Elderly care services

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