The service has five Consultants who see patients with a wide range of endocrine problems.  They are also specialists in Diabetes and General (Internal) Medicine. They are supported by a Specialist Registrar (trainee specialist) and a team of junior doctors who provide in-patient care under Consultant supervision. A clinical nurse specialist works with patients who need certain injected treatments (testosterone, growth hormone).

The most common diagnoses investigated and treated include: 

  • Thyroid swellings (goitre).
  • Thyroid gland overactivity (‘hyperthyroidism’, or ‘thyrotoxicosis’).
  • Thyroid gland underactivity (‘hypothyroidism’).
  • Parathyroid gland overactivity (‘hyperparathyroidism’).
  • Pituitary gland disorders e.g. Prolactinoma, Hypopituitarism.
  • Adrenal gland failure (Addison’s disease).
  • Low blood glucose (‘hypoglycaemia’).
  • Testosterone or Oestrogen deficiency (‘hypogonadism’)
  • Hormone disorders causing high blood pressure.
  • Disorders of water balance.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • Obesity. 

Outpatient clinics at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Dr Roland Guy

  • Monday, 2-5pm
  • Friday, 2-5pm

Dr Ben Turner   

  • Monday (with Specialist Registrar), 2-5pm.
  • Friday, 2-5pm.

Dr Andrea Norris

  • Monday, 2-5pm

On Fridays joint consultations with a thyroid surgeon are available.


Outpatient clinics at Alton Community Hospital

  • Dr Guy and Dr Turner - 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 9-1pm.

Outpatient clinics at Andover War Memorial Hospital

Dr Jimmy Chong

  • Monday 2-5pm (2nd Monday of month)

Dr Steve Cleland

Monday 2-5pm (4th Monday of Month)

Outpatient clinics at Velmore Centre Chandlers ford

Dr Jimmy Chong

Friday 9-1pm (2nd and 4th Friday of month)

Dr Steve Cleland

Friday 9-1 pm (1st and 3rd Friday of month)


As well as routine outpatient blood testing, the following investigations are also available at Basingstoke & NorthHampshireHospital:

  • In-patient blood and urine testing (day-case investigations).
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid ultrasound scans.
  • Radio-isotope thyroid scans.
  • CT and MRI scans (pituitary, chest / abdomen etc.)
  • Bone density scans (DEXA) – at the AndoverWarMemorialHospital. 

For some specialist investigations (e.g. parathyroid isotope scans), patients are referred to SouthamptonUniversityHospital.

Inpatient Endocrine Services

The consultants take part in the on call rota for acute medical admissions. They provide ongoing day-to-day management of in-patients, supported by the Specialist Registrar and other junior doctors. They work closely with Consultant colleagues in other specialities to ensure optimal management of all in-patients with endocrine disorders.

Specialist Links

The endocrine service works closely with local surgeons for patients needing thyroid or parathyroid gland operations. Thyroid needle biopsies are undertaken by one of the ear, nose and throat surgeons. The consultants maintain close specialist links with tertiary services in Southampton, Oxford and London. Patients needing radioactive iodine therapy are referred to the department of Nuclear Medicine in Southampton. The majority of patients requiring pituitary gland surgery are referred to Mr N Mathad at the Wessex Neurological Centre, also in Southampton.



Contact us

Dr Roland Guy / Dr Ben Turner / Dr Andrea Norris

01256 313649

Dr J Chong / Dr Steve Cleland

01962 825097