Delivery Suite

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Our delivery suite consists of two homely birthing suites and six delivery rooms all of which have access to ensuite bathroom facilities. 

We have one birthing pool which can be used to help with labour.

All of our rooms have facilities for enabling normal birth and contain a birthing bed, birthing balls and have enough space to walk around in. 

The delivery rooms are equipped for normal births and also contain supplementary equipment if you need additional support to deliver your baby vaginally.

Pain relief of all varieties is available in these rooms, as well as additional equipment that may be necessary in your labour.

We also have a three bedded observation bay. This is a ward which is used after the birth of your baby to carry out closer monitoring if you have experienced any complications during the birthing or if you have had a caesarean section. 

Visiting on delivery suite is limited to birthing partners only.

Women may return home within a few hours of their birth if all is well, to the care of their community midwife and GP.

Homely birthing suites

What are the homely birthing suites?

The two suites form part of the main delivery suite at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital maternity unit. They are two large en suite rooms that have been designed to provide a home like birthing environment. All facilities emulate the home birth concept and these rooms are used by women who are classed as ‘low risk’.

The philosophy focuses on promoting active, normal birth.

This means there is minimal medical equipment and you are encouraged to move around freely.  There are sofas, a pool, balls and mats to help you through your labour and birth.  We can also offer you the same support for pain relief as we would do at home. One of our birthing suites has a large birthing pool which can be used during your labour and for birthing where appropriate.

If you would like to self administer any complementary therapies, our staff are happy to support you in your choices.

What are the benefits of using the suites?

The birthing suites provide a safe environment for you to labour and birth your baby. Research has shown that a homely environment increases the chances of a normal birth. Women report that they feel more relaxed and in control of their labour and birth experience. It has also been shown that women who birth in these environments use less traditional pain relief such as pethidine.

Who can give birth in the birthing suites?

If you and your baby have remained well during your pregnancy and you have reached 37 weeks, and wish to give birth in an environment that emulates home, then these are the rooms for you.

Discuss your options of birthing in these rooms with your midwife during your antenatal clinic appointments in order that she can answer any questions you might have about giving birth in the birthing rooms. You do not have to book the rooms in advance and they are available on a first come, first served basis. The decision to use the birthing rooms can be made at any time leading up to you being admitted to the maternity unit.

How long after my baby is born will I need to stay in the birthing suite?

Providing all is well with you and your baby you will be able to go home as soon as the midwives have assessed that you are both well. This could be as early as two hours after your baby has been born. If there is a reason for you and your baby to stay in hospital you will be transferred to either the postnatal ward or one of our amenity rooms, should you wish.

Homely birthing suite

homely birthing suites


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