Eye Day Care Unit

The team

Melanie Bosworth

Ward Sister


Philippa Jones

Theatre Sister


The eye  day care unit (EDCU) is a dedicated treatment unit, situated on B floor in the main hospital.

Patients are seen initially by one of four consultants and cared for in the EDCU by a team of up to 7 nurses.

Cataract removal forms a large part of the units activity, with a minimal waiting list for patients to attend for surgery.

The nurses often perform pre-assessment as a one-stop event after attendance in outpatients and consultant diagnosis, but always leading the process of history taking, biometry, keratometry and visual acuity.

Provision of pre and post-operative patient and carer information is a priority procedure performed by the nurse.
Liaison with GP’s for corrective treatment prior to local or general anaesthetic is initiated by the nurses as is referral to community nurses following procedures if required.

All patients attending the EDCU receive nurse led follow up telephone calls the day after the procedure, to ensure recovery is as expected. The required intervention should problems arise is initiated by the nurse, liaising with the consultant as appropriate.

The ward sisters are Sr Melanie Bosworth and Jnr Sr Claire Newitt


As a team, we shall strive at all times to deliver the best possible nursing care taking into account the following.

  • We will respect individuality; each patient is different and will be treated as such.
  • We will endeavour to implement a programme of holistic care, taking into account all aspects of the individual patients age, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.
  • Effective ophthalmic care aims to optimise the level of wellbeing in clients and promote their independence.
  • We will act in partnership with the patient and the family to negotiate a programme of care that is acceptable to them and suitable for their clinical condition.
  • The unit firmly believes in fairness in the care and treatment of all clients, regardless of their age, ethnicity or religious background.
  • Provide consultancy to colleagues and other organisations wishing to develop services for people with ophthalmic needs.


Last updated 12 January 2018

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Eye Day Care Unit:
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