The acute/ambulatory unit comprises of the acute inpatient ward (G2), Charlie’s day unit (CDU), children’s outpatients and the children’s community nursing team (CCN)

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Philosophy of care

The philosophy of care throughout is to provide high quality care for children and their families at the point of need.  The child’s care is planned and delivered in partnership with the child and family.  All care is delivered in an environment suitable for the age and needs of the child.

The acute inpatient unit (G2)

The acute unit comprises of three paediatric areas on G floor and a paediatric area in the DTC and aims to keep the child’s length of stay on the ward to a minimum, working with ambulatory and community services to reduce a child’s time on the ward, The ward area provides 24-hour care for up to 26 children and covers all specialities. Children are admitted either electively or in an emergency.

Educational services for those children who are on the acute unit for 15 days or more is provided by the local education authority during term times.

Prentice teenage unit

Eight of the beds on G2 are used to make up the teenage unit, which provides a dedicated area and facilities for young people, so that care can be provided in a setting more suitable for the needs of teenagers. They have their own sitting room where they can relax with their peer group should they come to visit. Parents are welcome and overnight accommodation is available in one of our two parents rooms situated just off the unit.

High dependency / close observation unit

The existing high dependency unit has recently been extended.  There is a 4-bedded close observation unit, suited to the needs of those requiring closer observation and monitoring.  If a child requires intensive care, they will be stabilised in the high dependency unit here before transfer to a specialist unit.

The acute unit has its own multi-sensory room used for patient relaxation, stimulation and pain relief.

Ward Sister: 01256 473202 ext 3700

Ward telephone numbers: 01256 313698 

Diagnosis and treatment centre (DTC)

The ward area provides short stay care for up to 12 children undergoing elective surgery, predominantly ENT, dental and general surgery.  Paediatric nurses staff this unit and also attend paediatric ENT clinics, run pre-operative assessment clinics and informal visits for children requiring surgery.

Any child needing to stay beyond 5pm on the day of surgery will be transferred to the acute inpatient unit (G2)  for the remainder of their stay.

Ward telephone numbers: 01256 313332 ext 4322 or 4323

Visiting times (G2)




updated 13 February 2018

Ward telephone numbers

G2 01256 313698 

DTC 01256 313332 ext 4322 or 4323

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