Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward is a dedicated unit for treating patients with laboratory-confirmed infections such as flu, meningitis, tuberculosis, MRSA or Clostridium difficile.

It plays an important role in helping us reduce hospital-acquired infections by treating the diagnosed infection promptly, using best practice, while protecting other patients from cross-contamination.

The ward is located on E Floor, opposite E3, at the end of the central corridor on the left, and made up of seven isolated side rooms, which are similar to side rooms used elsewhere in the hospital.

The team includes nurses from several specialities, enabling staff to bring a wide range of experience and skills to the clinical area. We treat patients from all areas of the hospital, be they medical, surgical or orthopaedic.

Visiting times

All inpatient wards at Hampshire Hospitals have adopted John’s Campaign, which allows the carers of patients with dementia to stay in hospital with their loved ones if they wish.







Updated 20 April  2018

Contact information

Clinical Matron
Sue Hurst

Lorreta Ako 

Junior Sister
Sarah Kidd

01256 313619 or 313927

Staffing data

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Equality Service Profile - January to March 2013

This report provides a profile of the patients who access this service from an Equality perspective.  If you have any questions regarding this report, please do not hesitate to contact either the services Operational Services Manager or Clinical Services Manager.

Isolation Ward service report

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