BNHH Neonatal unit (NNU)

The neonatal unit at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital is based on the ground floor of the Sherborne building.

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Our philosophy of care is that we believe the child is a unique individual whose rights, needs and wishes should be recognised together with those of the family and carers whilst receiving our attention and care.  We are also committed to providing high quality care to babies, children, young people and their families and carers at their point of need.  We provide family centered care.

Parents have open access to the neonatal unit. Relatives and friends are able to visit during the designated visiting times.  During a baby's stay in the neonatal unit, parents can telephone the unit at anytime but for confidentiality reasons we do not give out information to anyone other than the baby's parents and carers.

Our neonatal unit consists of a total of 14 cots and some of these cots are designated for babies needing more intensive care.

In an average year we admit 240 babies.  These babies are from 27 weeks gestation for singletons and 28 weeks gestation for twins.  If babies are born here before that gestation, we would stabilise the baby and transfer them to a specialised unit.  Following care at a specialised unit the baby would return to us at a later date.  Babies admitted to the unit can include any newborn baby who has had birth difficulties i.e. premature births, babies with breathing difficulties, babies withdrawing from some maternal medication, jaundice, feeding problems and also babies for adoption.  We also admit babies from the community under 10 days of age.

Items that parents need to bring in for their babies are nappies, cotton wool and if they wish, a small washable toy.

Breastfeeding support is given by all staff and there is a designated sister for feeding advice.  Mums are shown how to express their breast milk and to establish breast feeding when baby is ready to feed.

The unit has limited parent accommodation and can offer overnight stays for parents who are preparing for discharge home*, establishing feeds or when the flat is vacant we can offer this to any parents wishing to be closer to their baby. (*Please note that priority will be given to those ready for discharge.)  In the summer months, parents can sit out on the patio attached to the neonatal unit.  There is a family support worker in the neonatal team who is available to provide support for families during their stay.

All babies who are nursed on the neonatal unit for more than 48 hours receive hearing screening (see - neonatal hearing screening). 

Click here for the paediatric audiology department.

Some extreme premature babies have specialised eye checks.

There is a follow up clinic for babies born at 32 weeks and below held on children's outpatients on G floor.

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Neonatal Unit

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Equality Service Profile January to March 2013

This report provides a profile of the patients who access this service from an Equality perspective.  If you have any questions regarding this report, please do not hesitate to contact either the services Operational Services Manager or Clinical Services Manager.

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