Overton Unit

The Overton Unit, which is situated to the rear of the Sherborne Building, contains a total of 28 beds.

Of these, 24 provide step down care for patients who no longer require the high level of acute care provided in hospital, but are awaiting a care package that will enable them to return home.

The other four beds, which are housed in individual side rooms, are set aside for patients who are coming to the end of their lives and require specialist palliative care.

The main patient, staff and visitor entrance, along with the ambulance and transport pick up, is separate from the Sherborne building.


Updated 30 November 2017

Contact information

Telephone numbers

01256 319803 or 01256 319801



Visiting times



All inpatient wards at Hampshire Hospitals have adopted John’s Campaign, which allows the carers of patients with dementia to stay in hospital with their loved ones if they wish.

The number of visitors for patients recieving interim care is restricted to two per patient at any one time.

Visiting is unrestricted in relation to times and numbers of visitors for palliative care patients, at the discretion of the nurse in charge.