Royal Hampshire County Hospital ITU/ Critical Care Services

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Intensive Care Unit (ITU)

The ITU provides 10 critical care beds that can accommodate both intensive care (level 3) plus high dependency (level 2) patients. Approximately six hundred and sixty patients are admitted annually. Level 3 indicates that the complexity of treatment requires a ratio of one nurse per patient whereas level 2 patients have a ratio of 1 nurse per 2 patients. We are able to respond to the dependency needs of our patients flexibly to ensure an appropriate level of care is delivered at all times.

Beds are not separated into male and female areas but every effort is made to ensure that the privacy and dignity of our patients is maintained at all times.

We provide a full range of complex and highly sophisticated organ support, monitoring and treatments required by the critically ill, or patients recovering from some complex interventions. Occasionally patients requiring specialist neurosurgical, cardio-thoracic and liver support may be transferred to tertiary centres based on their clinical need.

We pride ourselveson providing high quality care for all its patients and we continually audit our outcomes to ensure that they are equal to or better than the national standard. We are proud that Winchester ITU consistently produces some of the best patient outcomes, both regionally and nationally. We have been active in International and National Research Studies and have focused on integrating research into our everyday clinical practice aiming to participate in providing evidence that will influence care, treatments and practices in the future.

Our ITU is a teaching unit that provides a structured induction programme for all new staff. There is opportunity and support for on-going education and professional development which incorporates multi-disciplinary team teaching, competency workbooks and a management and leadership package for nursing staff. We have pre and post registration nurses on placement / secondment from the university and navy, student physiotherapists, paramedics, trainee pharmacists,  junior doctors and medical students all benefiting from their experience in this diverse and dynamic specialty.

The team

Dr Arthur Goldsmith Clinical director of critical care, anaesthetics
Mary Meeks Clinical Matron
Dr Stephen Wimbush ITU clinical lead
Dr John Criswell ITU consultant
Dr Simon Deacock ITU consultant
Dr Arthur Goldsmith ITU consultant
Dr Irina Grecu Locum ITU consultant
Dr Richard Thomas ITU consultant
Dr Geoff Watson ITU consultant
Dr Stephen Wimbush ITU consultant
Dr John Bell  ITU consultant
Dr Daniel Felstead ITU consultant
Dr Anthony Ashton ITU consultant
Andrea Eaton Sister
Rachel Newell Sister
Madeleine Grant-Jones Sister
Nicola Gregerson Sister
Dancel Ramos Sister
Kim Dalzell Senior physiotherapist
Jill Summers Dietitian
Emma Weston Pharmacist
Caroline Wrey-Brown  Audit and research team
Rosemary Lejasmeiers  Audit and research team
Dawn Trodd   Audit and research team
Jane Martin  Audit and research team
Jayne Howard  Ward clerk


We continually strive for a culture which is safe, compassionate and caring towards our patients, relatives and our multidisciplinary team. Our highly skilled team provides the best standard ofevidence based holistic care to all.


last updated 4 August 2017

ITU / HDU: 01962 825037

Location: Level D, Nightingale Wing

Clinical matron:
Jeremy Brown

Ward sister: Nicola Berry, Madeline Grant-Joines, Andrea Eaton, Dancel Ramos