Labour ward

The Labour Ward is situated on the first floor of the maternity unit in Florence Portal House. There are eight birthing rooms and two obstetric theatres. Each of the rooms is individually decorated and equipped to encourage a better birthing environment for women who choose to have their baby born at Winchester.

Three of the labour rooms are allocated for use by low risk women to promote and facilitate normal childbirth, this includes the use of a birthing pool. Low risk women remain midwife-led throughout the birth unless a deviation from the norm occurs at which point midwives refer directly to an obstetrician.

High risk women are strongly advised to choose a central unit for their birth where normalisation of the birth process for them is sought (as far as is possible).

Women are made aware of all methods of pain relief that are appropriate within their chosen place of birth. The Labour Ward offers a full range of pain relief ranging from self-administrated Entonox, TENS, to a 24/7 epidural service. Birthing balls and CD players are available in all rooms.

Partners are able to have open visiting (8am-9pm) on the Labour Ward. Fetal and maternal (physical and psychological) wellbeing throughout the birth experience is paramount. Family bonding / skin to skin initiatives are promoted and observed within the birth environment.

Planned Caesarean sections (elective) are performed between Tuesday and Thursday.



updated 14 January 2019

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Florence Portal House, 1st Floor

Associate Director of Midwifery and Women's Health
Janice Mackenzie

Clinical matron
Jo Holland

01962 824231 / 824232



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