At every bedside there is a Hospedia unit with a telephone, radio, television, Internet and games link.  You can make free outgoing calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers and receive calls from friends and family via your bedside unit.

The TV comes with a choice of 22 channels. To watch TV or make a phone call you will need to purchase a Hospedia payment card from the yellow vending machines near the ward entrances or payments can also be made by credit or debit card via the bedside unit or by calling the operator from your bedside unit. You can purchase different values to suit your needs.

Television is free on children's wards and Wessex ward. On registering, you will receive free TV for 30 minutes. Radio is free 24 hrs a day.

Reaching a patient at their bedside is easy - all you need is their hospital phone number - you can find this at the bottom of the screen. Remember to make a note of a patient's bedside phone number next time you visit.

You can also call our Customer Care Team, if you don't have the number to hand, and they'll help you out. Just dial 0845 414 1234.


For further information call

0845 414 1083 or

24hrs helpdesk 0845 414 1234

website: www.hospedia.co.uk