Meal times

Catering services at Basingstoke

The patient menus are on a two week rolling cycle.

Breakfast consists of a choice of fruit juice, porridge or cereals and then bread or roll with butter and preserves.

Lunch is the main meal of the day.  There are two meat choices, a vegetarian choice and also a salad option.  Two potatoes and vegetables are on offer and then there is the choice of a hot or cold dessert.

Supper consists of a soup and bread roll followed by a light option of a sandwich or hot snack and then a cold dessert.

A 'something for later' option is available both at lunch and supper times and this is usually either a piece of fruit, cake or a packet of biscuits.  These items are for those people who require a small snack between meal times.

All special dietary needs are catered for such as gluten free, nut allergies and dairy free.  We have a designated chef who works in our diet bay to provide these specialised needs.

The catering department works closely with the dieticians to ensure that we are able to provide a nutritionally balanced diet.

 Meal times for patients:

  • Breakfast - 8am-9am
  • Lunch - 12noon-1pm
  • Supper - 6pm-7pm

Catering services at Winchester

Our in-house catering team provides three nutritious meals each day for 450 inpatients and Day Hospital attendees at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Andover War Memorial Hospital and to the residents of Willow Court Nursing Home, Andover.

Apart from their professional training, all our staff have passed food hygiene examinations at basic, intermediate or advanced level. Meals are prepared in accordance with the NHS Plan Better Hospitals Food Programme that incorporates recipes devised by Leading Chefs.

Our menu follows a three-week summer or winter cycle which ensures a wide variety of dishes to meet all tastes.

We also provide a ‘Lite Bite’ or ‘Snackbox’ service so that patients who miss a meal won’t go hungry.

Special dietary / religious requirements

We are pleased to meet all special or religious dietary needs. If you have a special diet, please speak to your named nurse who will ensure this information is passed to the catering department.

Protected mealtimes

Good nutrition plays an important part in your care. Wards have ‘protected mealtimes’ that restrict ward activities so everyone can focus on nutrition. This means that, wherever possible, doctors’ rounds, blood tests, therapy visits happen outside meal times so that nursing staff are free to help patients eat their meals.

Quality monitoring

Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Patient meals are tested each week by our quality manager and the nutrition and dietetics department for taste, content and composition. Results are reported to the catering department in order that they can solve any problems.

Our independent hotel and general services quality manager undertakes hygiene inspections of the food preparation areas and stores. Winchester City Council is responsible for undertaking annual inspections to ensure we are complying with food legislation.

Andover War Memorial Hospital

Food service

This is undertaken by the Winchester H&GS quality manager and the dietetics department at regular intervals

Environment and food production

Quality Monitoring is undertaken independently.  This includes a monthly inspection and swab testing. Test Valley Borough Council, Environmental Health Service carry out annual inspections to ensure compliance to legal statutes.