We work in close partnership with the Health and Wellbeing Research Group at University of Winchester.

This collaboration enables both organisations to support research activity, continuing professional development and training, sharing expertise across the academic and health sectors and showing real commitment to innovation and evidence-based practice within healthcare.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Winchester are exploring joint research and development opportunities in view of our shared health research interests and expertise. The launch of the Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education (HCHRE) in September 2014 underpins our working relationship.

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Performance in initiating and delivering clinical research

The Government wishes to see a dramatic and sustained improvement in the performance of providers of NHS services in initiating and delivering clinical research. The aim is to increase the number of patients who have the opportunity to participate in research and to enhance the nation’s attractiveness as a host for research.

The Government’s Plan for Growth1, published in March 2011, announced the transformation of incentives at local level for efficiency in initiation and delivery of research. From July 2013 for clinical trials the National Institute for Health Research has enforced the transparency commitment for this exercise. Providers of NHS services, including Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, are required to publish outcomes against the 70 day benchmark and delivery to time and to target for commercial clinical trials. The following tables summarise the Trust’s performance in delivering clinical research against these benchmarks.

Performance in Initiating Q4 2016-17
Performance in Delivering Q4 2016-17

Performance in Initiating Q3 2016-17
Performance in Delivering Q3 2016-17

Performance in Initiating Q2 2016-17
Performance in Delivering Q2 2016-17

Performance in Initiating Q1 2016-17
Performance in Delivering Q1 2016-17

Performance in Initiating Q42015-16
Performance in Delivering Q4 2015-16

Performance in Initiating Q3 2015-16
Performance in Delivering Q3 2015-16

Performance Of Initiating Q2 30-10-2015
Performance In Delivering Q2 30-10-2015

Performance Of Initiating Q1 30-07-2015
Performance In Delivering Q1 30-07-2015

Performance Of Initiating Q4 30-04-2015
Performance In Delivering Q4 30-04-2015

Performance Of Initiating Q3 30-01-2015
Performance In Delivering Q3 30-01-2015

Performance Of Initiating Q2 30-10-2014
Performance In Delivering Q2 30-10-2014


updated 28 June 2016

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