Information for researchers

Important information and guidance for researchers

The Research Department is here to support researchers during study set up, Foundation Trust approval and throughout the lifetime of the study.

Whether you are setting up your own study, or participating in an existing multi-centre trial, we welcome being contacted early on in your research plans to help with any queries or issues there may be. 

Setting up your own study

The National Research Ethics Service (NRES), website is a valuable and useful resource when setting up your study. It includes information on everything you need to know on gaining ethical approval including:

  • Is your project research?
  • Application Process Flowchart
  • Approval requirements and guidance on ethical issues
  • Booking and submitting your REC application
  • What to expect when you attend a REC meeting
  • REC meeting dates and information
  • Updated guidelines on proportionate review

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS), is used to generate and populate the appropriate forms needed for regulatory approvals including ethics.


Every research project requires a Sponsor and their role is to take overall responsibility for the management of the study. This is normally a University, pharmaceutical company or an NHS Trust.
If you would like Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to review your study for Sponsorship please contact the Research Department.

Gaining Foundation Trust Approval

All research taking place in the NHS requires organisational approval before it can commence. The Research Department issues this approval following review of the study documents and through gaining approvals from the various areas of the hospital that will be involved.

For Documents Required for Research Department Submission click here.

For the Research Approval Process Chart click here. 

Commercial Research

The Research Department encourages commercial research within the Foundation Trust and is keen to develop and expand our commercial involvement across the specialities.

Please see Documents required for Research Department Submission  and the Research Approval Process Chart  or contact one of the team for more information.

Research Training

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for Researchers

Please click here for GCP details






updated 26 July 2017

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