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George Grinham - Equipment CroppedWhat is an apprenticeship?

There are over 300 different jobs in healthcare, jobs that are delivered by more than a million people. Be one of them - with an apprenticeship at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Apprenticeships offer paid employment with an accompanying work-based
training programme. This gives individuals the opportunity to earn while they learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications.

In addition, apprentices at Hampshire Hospitals gain technical knowledge, practical skills, career development, real workplace experience and all of the NHS employee benefits, including access to the pension scheme.

Roman Bzdon (2)Healthcare assistants who wish to do so can work towards becoming registered nurses through a  range of apprenticeship schemes, while opportunities also exist in a host of other clinical areas, including pharmacy, healthcare science and laboratories.

We also offer a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities in non-clinical areas, including engineering, finance, hospitality, IT and management.

Apprenticeships are available to everyone, regardless of age or level of education. Courses available at Hampshire Hospitals range from Level 2, which is equivalent to GCSEs, to Level 6 (degree) and Level 7 (masters).

They can take anywhere from one to four years to complete, depending on the level and include 20 per cent off the job training, which can include shadowing, study time, research and mentoring.

All apprentices have a named apprentice mentor, a member of staff working at least at the level of the post the apprentice is training for, in the same or similar occupational area. It is their role to provide support and guidance to the apprentice as part of their on the job training. 






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Last updated 5 March 2018