Education and Training

The NHS could not survive without its highly trained staff, and at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we are committed to developing a healthcare workforce of the highest quality across all disciplines and throughout their working lives.

Through the appraisal process and the development of a personal development plan for each member of staff, we aim to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to undertake their jobs to the highest standard. Our aim is to prepare staff to provide safe, effective, high quality care for our patients as well as to provide opportunities for staff to progress in their careers.

Through our in-house training programme, we promote initiatives which bring together members of staff from across the workforce to learn together, with the aim of enhancing patient care through mutual understanding and team working.

Working in partnership with local universities and colleges we play a pivotal role in producing the next generation of Healthcare workers including managers, nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals; we support students in training across a number of professions and provide apprenticeships and work experience opportunities for people interested in a career in the NHS.


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