What preceptees have said.....

team building preceptorshipInsightful learning

  • Interesting discussion, made me reflect on what type of motivator I am – and what I need to work on
  • To work together as a team is very creative, because we listen to each other and achieve great results
  • Although I didn’t shout the loudest I thought about the situation and gave my opinion – which the rest of the team liked and used
  • Delegation - much needed!  One of my biggest worries when starting.  I’m glad this has been included Lots of information to take in – I will need to do some anatomy revision to understand this better.  Great speaker

Leadership development

  • Valuable information about professionalism
  • Helped with critical thinking on what type of leader I want to be
  • An opportunity to reflect on how we saw leadership styles, made me think about the leader I want to be in the future



  • Scenarios and simulation were a nice way to get you to think interactively on what you’ve learnt throughout the day.  Was fun but made you think at the same time

Range of learning styles/delivery

  • I usually struggle with group work but I really enjoyed the session and the approach taken
  • A very fun experience that shows that working as part of a team is the most productive way to get things done
  • Very helpful scenario sessions – good to put what we learnt into practice