Doctors in training

A weekly teaching programme for foundation and specialist training grade doctors is managed by the Medical Education Team. The programme is carefully mapped to the Royal College curriculums to satisfy the generic, occupational and professional competences and standards required by the Royal Colleges and the GMC.

The foundation programme assessments are managed in liaison with the Health Education Wessex, Wessex LETB and the Royal Colleges to ensure that:

  • All doctors are competent and able to receive their GMC certificates at the end of Foundation Year 1
  • Foundation Year 2 doctors have the requisite number of assessments within their portfolios to apply for a specialty training post
  • Careers Fair Booklet

The Foundation Trust is committed to supporting and enhancing postgraduate education in accordance with an individual doctor's training needs.  Included within the scope of study leave is studying (including course attendance and private study prior to an exam), research, teaching, examining or sitting examinations, visiting clinics, attending conferences and professional society meetings.

Medical Staffing manages two separate schemes of study leave as follows:

  • Wessex Deanery supports trainee doctors during the time they work for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and provides funding for the Training Grade Scheme

GPVTS scheme provides training that equips the General Practitioners (GPs) of tomorrow with the skills to provide excellent care for their patients in an ever-changing climate and allows them to become life-long learners who can enjoy a fulfilling career.

Learning, development and leadership provides administrative support to the programme directors of the scheme in Basingstoke, including the provision of a weekly educational programme and assistance with the overall co-ordination of the scheme.

Vocational training for General Practice at Basingstoke is well established and provides a sound base for future development. For any scheme to be successful, it demands from all those involved in learning and teaching, hard work, motivation and enthusiasm and we are confident we have these resources here.