Andrew - Electrical Supervisor


Andrew Long is an electrical supervisor and has been working for the Foundation Trust for more than 25 years. Andrew started in 1984 as an electrician following his apprenticeship. He left the hospital in 1990 and shortly returned in 1992 as an electrical charge hand. 

Tell us about your role?

My role in the hospital is to ensure all our electrical supplies are safe as well as overseeing an extensive programme of electrical testing and maintenance. I am also responsible for our major systems such as our fire alarms, generators and our lifts. 

I have a very skilled team which includes electrical technician, electricians, craft assistants and apprentices.

As the electrical supervisor I am responsible for ensuring that any electrical problems are corrected by appropriate members of my team. We are required to have a systematic and regular programme of maintenance inspection and testing which I organise. This includes a fixed wiring test and inspection programme which is undertaken over a five year period. The department is also responsible for annual portable appliance testing.

I am constantly looking at energy saving schemes for the hospital and have recently introduced low energy lighting throughout the stairwells which will contribute to lowering our energy costs.   

What does your average day involve?

There is no average day working here, no two days are ever the same. Our department ensures that there is 24/7 electrical cover to ensure the smooth running of the hospital for all of our patients and staff.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by a number of things - serving the public, a love for the job and keeping up my family tradition. My father, my brother and I have collectively worked for the NHS in Basingstoke for 101 years. I have been brought up around this; I know exactly what is required for this line of work and take pride in carrying it out.

What is the best thing about your job?

The variety of work undertaken. I work alongside colleagues I get on well with, I know that they all put in a 110% with their work and they are dedicated in correcting any problems around the hospital. I also have a love for the job, I enjoy what I do and ensure I do it to the best of my ability.

What is your team like?

Brilliant! It's great working in such a friendly atmosphere with people you genuinely get along with. My team are all very supportive and dedicated to their work. Last winter certainly saw everyone at their best and an example of their dedication was displayed when it snowed. There was a tremendous team spirit here as everyone pulled together to ensure the hospital continued to provide a normal service for all our patients.