Chris - Radiology Patient Services Administrator

Chris is the Patient Services Administrator for the Radiology department.


What does your job involve?

The Radiology department is where patients come for a variety of scans including x-ray, CT scans and ultrasound. My role of patient services administrator is split up into three main responsibilities

  • meeting, greeting and booking-in patients
  • telephoning patients to arrange appointments according to their various needs
  • dealing with correspondence and patient information.

We receive a lot of information, referrals and requests for information. Patients can be referred to us through a variety of channels so we send them a letter detailing appointment arrangements and any preparation that the patient may be required to do. 

What does your average day involve?

The team shares the administrative responsibilities fairly by using a rota so there is a bit of variety in our days.

My ‘average day’ has changed in the long time I have been here. I remember when we didn’t use computers and had to write everything out by hand!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love working with the team here. We are a fairly small, sociable group and have great fun working together. I also really enjoy working with the public. The patients are all really different and interesting, and everyone has their own story. My responsibilities change as the role develops so it’s fun to be able to go with the flow.