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We are currently recruiting for the March 2019 course with course fees being paid by Health Education Wessex.

For more details please contact the learning environment team on 01962 824316 or email

You’ll get full support through your training and revalidation.  You can even work flexible shifts to suit your other commitments.


“We want experienced and caring return to practice nurses to help us to continue to give our patients outstanding care.  If you would like to join our friendly teams that care about each other as well as our patients, we’d like to hear from you.  We’ll support you all the way.”


 text 80800

We offer a 20 week return to practice programme with the University of Southampton twice a year in March and October. Successful completion of the programme enables you to return to the NMC register and secure a guaranteed job as a safe and competent practitioner. 

Read more about training opportunities here.

Text TEAM to 80800 for more information or contact the learning environment team direct on 01962 824316 or



Badge Ceremony (1)In October every year we celebrate the graduation of all of the nurses and midwives that have trained with us. 

This year we were deleighted to welcome back four Return to Practice nurses.



Rtn to practice nurseJulia Clotworthy had 16 years away from nursing before coming back.

“I had children and wanted to spend more time with them, so  I stepped away from nursing and worked as a counsellor and in safeguarding.

“I have always enjoyed nursing and knew that there would come a time when I wanted to come back, and in February this year, I suddenly decided that I would like to return to nursing.

“The basic ethos and caring for people is still the same, but there have been a lot of changes while I have been away, with a lot more paperwork to do. Going to university and doing academic work was a bit of a shock, but I got a lot of help from the education team and the group of us that went through the process together ended up becoming a bit like a family.

“I would recommend Hampshire Hospitals to anyone thinking about returning to practice." 

Rtn to practice 2Sue Rydon has been away from nursing for three years after moving to Hong Kong.

“Not too much had changed in the short time I was away from nursing
and I really enjoyed the course. It was great to be back on the wards and I would encourage other people who have been away from 
nursing to think about returning to practice as well."




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Updated 9 November 2018

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Wow Awards

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I was nervous after so many years out of practice, but I needn't have worried.  The hospital supported me all the way and my mentor was brilliant.