Our staff

WOW! Award Winners - Porters BNHH

“I would like to nominate my team who have been amazing over the past few weeks.

"They have really excelled in providing a fantastic service to the trust under extremely difficult conditions.

"They have covered large gaps in the rota due to sickness and shortages of staff, and stayed on after a busy shift to help with the work load.

"Just after Christmas within one hour of being called at home, five of the porters were on site. This is a great team to lead and I am proud to work with them all.”

WOW! Award Winner - Michele Waldron

“Michele has always gone above and beyond in giving her support not only to our team, but to the department as a whole.

"She has been the first “port of call” for anyone wanting to know how to deal with a huge range of diverse problems on the floor from needing extra electric sockets, ordering light bulbs and much more.

"She has also been an inspiration in the way we can hear her on the telephone talking with the parents of patients, showing empathy to their needs and requests.

"She has also always been someone who, if any member of her team have their own personal
problems she would have a sympathetic ear and offer her support.”

WOW! Award Winner - Sufiyah Khan

“From the very beginning Sufiyah has worked with enthusiasm and has been integral to Gynae and Breast’s continuing success in this department.

"Sophie maintains a genuine interest in providing the best possible care for individual patients. She regularly uses her initiative and skills to go above and beyond the call of her role, and never hesitates to pick up the phone and speak directly to a patient to rearrange appointments or tests in order to improve their pathway.

"She does not do this looking for recognition, but rather in order to give our patients the best possible experience and to help our service achieve its targets.

"Sophie is an excellent example of how admin roles which are largely based away from direct patient contact can continue to be patient-centred in their approach and philosophy.”

WOW! Award Winners - Intensive Care Unit Team

“I would like to nominate a number of staff who all came together to demonstrate fantastic team work.

"Whilst experiencing a lack of power to the unit staff were calm and collected.

"The team was led by Nurse in Charge, Linda Peck, and Consultant John Criswell, who were very busy finding an appropriate area for us to relocate to as well as caring for patients.

"Communication amongst the team was brilliant meaning that everyone was constantly updated with planning progression and patient safety was at the forefront of everyone’s conduct.

"Additional staff: Mary Meeks, Melanie Price, Nicola Gregerson, Madeleine Grant-Jones and Natalie Duggan came in on their days off, dedicating time to help plan and instigate safety priorities.

"Staff even stayed after they were needed to help those on shift to have a break. Night staff stayed beyond their shift.

"Staff on these shifts not already mentioned include: Mira Espineda, Sophia Berry, Christine Cayme, Rincy Joseph, Sneha Jose, Sally Ayres, Jo Mcbryde, Beena John, Mikaela Teodoli, Andreia Vieira and Jess Gardner.

"Also a massive thank you to Brian from estates and the electricians department who fixed the electrics!”

WOW! Award Winner - Justina Forbes

“My grandmother had taken a nasty fall and needed quite a bit of attention. She was wary of hospitals and afraid to be left alone for any amount of time with strangers.

"Justina (along with the whole of A&E) dealt with this frightened 91 year old in a calming manner.

"She knew that nan was hard of hearing and explained every step she was taking in a way that didn’t make her worry.

"When nan was taken for a CT scan and I couldn’t be in the room with her, Justina did all she could to put nans fears to rest.

"Justina deserves so much praise and recognition. She not only helped my nan, she kept me calm too. I can never thank her enough for that night, but I hope that this nomination shows that she was so appreciated by us both.

"Thank you so very much.”

WOW! Award Winners - Nightingale Theatres Portering Team

“Nightingale porters always have done an exceptional work but, in the last few months they have worked above and beyond their limits.

"If it wasn’t them, we wouldn’t be able to take patients back to the wards or collect them, specimens wouldn’t go the lab, bins wouldn’t be empty, stores wouldn’t be fully stocked, blood wouldn’t be collected for emergency surgeries, etc...so many small things that make a big difference.

"This team has been stretching their aid to other departments so that operating lists don’t get cancelled. They run and run all day to make sure that we, the rest of the theatre team, can continue the lists smoothly without cancelling or delaying surgeries.

"A huge thank you from me!”