Our staff

WOW! Award Winner - Alison Taylor

"Alison promptly came to deal with an issue in pathology and was courteous and professional. She showed a great deal of empathy to me at that time where I was quite distressed.

"She obviously appreciates how different people react in stressful health related situations, she calmed me down and made me feel better in a very short period of time.

"I wanted to thank her for her kindness and care in a difficult situation. I think the manner in which she diffused the situation could not have been any better hence the award nomination."

WOW! Award Winner - Sarah Deery

"I wanted to thank Sarah Deery from the pain control team for going above and beyond to make sure I was receiving the right medication for my back pain.

"I am very impressed and grateful for the way in which different parts of the pain control team worked together to support my wife and I. Especially Sarah, whose attitude made me feeling supported at all times.

"All members of the team have definitely lived up to our expectations and beyond and can’t thank them enough."

WOW! Award Winner - Julie Maxwell

"Julie is the voice and advocate for children and families who have none or who find communication challenging. 

She is very skilled at deferentially diagnosing children with complex communication disorders and in assessing and supporting children with severe and complex speech sound disorders and developmental language disorder. 

Julie offers a second opinion and is always available to parents through her e-mail or by telephone.

Her Joint Language Clinic has been held up as an example of best practice by Education and Health with the hope that it will be adopted across Hampshire starting in the Andover area as a pilot. She is a star!"

WOW! Award Winner - Natasha Gorman

"Natasha showed the personification of the Trust values during a busy day at the hospital.

She went above and beyond to make sure both the staff were supported and the patients went to the appropriate place in a timely fashion, ensuring flow through organisation.

It is always a pleasure to work with Natasha, and to see her commitment to making the patient’s journey as safe as possible through the hospital."

WOW! Award Winner - Miss Amara Sohail

“From the very first meeting at the recurrent miscarriage clinic over a year ago, until she delivered my baby earlier this year, Miss Sohail has been amazing.

She has helped me through my miscarriages, been there every step of the way with this successful pregnancy and then the best bit of all, she delivered him and he is perfect. 

Kind, caring, professional and excellent at what she does. We will always be grateful."