Our staff

WOW! Award Winner - Jenni Crow

Jenni, the clinical matron from C2 provided exceptional patient care after a patient was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pains. His wife said that she "made him feel comfortable with what was going on and what needed to happen." These small acts can make a big difference, and the patient said he "couldn't praise Jenni enough!"

WOW! Award Winner - Theatres Team

The team all agreed to give up their own time on a Friday night to complete an operation for a patient. Their act of kindness and compassion for the needs of a patient did not go unnoticed as the patient said: "I’d like to thank them all and nominate them for going above and beyond their duty of care as they did not have to stay on for longer, especially after being at work all day.”

WOW! Award Winner Ward C3 Team

After a patient arrived at Basingstoke Hospital with severe abdominal pains, it became apparent he needed emergency surgery. The C3 team did everything they could to find out about the operation for his wife, and went out of their way to comfort her. A big thank you to the whole team!

WOW! Award Winner - Christine Miles

Christine did her best to ensure that a nervous student coming to the hospital on work experience was not only reassured, but also got the absolute most they possibly could out of the experience. The student said: "Christine was great, not only did she give me an insight into her job, she gave me an experience I will never forget.

WOW! Award Winner - Karen Redhead

Karen was nominated for going above and beyond when an elderly gentleman needed help with his car. "My colleague Karen got up and walked out of our office and offered to move the car on his behalf and the gentleman gratefully accepted."