Our staff

WOW! Award Winner - Eleanor Groves

“I would like to nominate Eleanor for being a real example of the Trust’s CARE values.

“Not only was she incredibly compassionate with me, but also with every other patient she interacted with. It obviously comes naturally to her.

“Her professionalism was very reassuring and her ability to put me at ease through a holistic approach is unprecedented.

“She did everything she could to make sure my admission was as comfortable as possible and more importantly, she made me feel that I wasn't just another bed number she was responsible for.

“Thank you Eleanor - You are a credit to your team, your department and HHFT.”

WOW! Award Winner - High Dependency Unit

“I had the chance to work along the HDU team while managing an emergency with one of our patients.

“I was very much impressed by the speed of reaction, professionalism and team working efficiency I witnessed. A perfect team dynamic at its finest.”

WOW! Award Winner - Katie Margetts

“Because Katie is so diligent and caring about each of the patients that come through the unit, she knows them well enough to be able to support each in just the right way.” 

“Every time I visit, she is always warm and welcoming, making the treatment a highlight. These words don't commend her enough for the difference and turnaround my life has had since I met her. 

“You are a life saver - Thank you Katie!”

WOW! Award Winner - Lisa Hope

“Lisa went above and beyond to keep our children calm and reassured when I was admitted into hospital with urgency.

“Me and my wife were very impressed with the caring and compassionate way in which she dealt with the situation and believe she should be praised for her incredible work – Thank you Lisa.”

WOW! Award Winner - Kingfisher ward

“My mum was on Kingfisher Ward for a month and the care she received was outstanding. Plus, they always greeted me with a smile and hello, and would take all the time needed to talk to me about my mum's treatment.”