Our staff

WOW! Award Winner - Lorreta Ako

“Lorreta, along with her colleagues were caring for a very sick patient who appeared to be nearing the end of her life. Lorreta had made contact with the patient's daughter by phone, who was on her way to see her mother.

"The patient's daughter wanted to be able to say some words to her mother before she died. Lorreta made this happen by holding a mobile to the patient's ear.

"This simple act of kindness would have made a massive difference to this lady and her mother.”

WOW! Award Winners - Porters BNHH

“I would like to nominate my team who have been amazing over the past few weeks.

"They have really excelled in providing a fantastic service to the trust under extremely difficult conditions.

"They have covered large gaps in the rota due to sickness and shortages of staff, and stayed on after a busy shift to help with the work load.

"Just after Christmas within one hour of being called at home, five of the porters were on site. This is a great team to lead and I am proud to work with them all.”

WOW! Award Winners - Sarah McGaughey & Hospice Team

"For Sarah and the hospice team for the wonderful care they gave my Father, who very peacefully passed away in February.

"The swift arrangement to move my Mother from Winchester hospital to be with him was very much appreciated, especially to spend the last few hours together to say their farewells was so very important.

"The care and support given was first class not only to my Father but to the family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you all do an amazing job."

WOW! Award Winner - Sufiyah Khan

“From the very beginning Sufiyah has worked with enthusiasm and has been integral to Gynae and Breast’s continuing success in this department.

"Sophie maintains a genuine interest in providing the best possible care for individual patients. She regularly uses her initiative and skills to go above and beyond the call of her role, and never hesitates to pick up the phone and speak directly to a patient to rearrange appointments or tests in order to improve their pathway.

"She does not do this looking for recognition, but rather in order to give our patients the best possible experience and to help our service achieve its targets.

"Sophie is an excellent example of how admin roles which are largely based away from direct patient contact can continue to be patient-centred in their approach and philosophy.”