Temporary work

Flexible working can be an optional extra or a career choice.


our people imageWe offer temporary work through our
Bank.  If you would like occasional shifts
or regular work but don’t want to be tied
down to a contract then our Bank
might be the solution for you.


The Bank allocates staff from its register when work is available due to either staff shortages or increases in demand.  Once registered with the Bank, you tell us when you are available and we match your skills to a suitable vacancy.


We offer a wide variety of vacancies through the Bank:


Our Bank vacancies are advertised on jobs.hampshirehospitals.nhs.uk or contact the Bank team.

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Contact the Staff Bank

We are always happy to hear from anyone who would like to discuss the possibility of working on the Staff Bank so please contact us.

01256 314948


Our bank staff are an important part of the team to support our substantive staff in delivering high quality care to our patients.