Work with us - Shorter shifts

We welcome jugglers at our hospitals.

Shorter shiftsAre you a qualified nurse juggling commitments at home with your career?  
Or a recently retired nurse with a few hours to spare to care?

At our hospitals we know that our staff have a life outside of work. And we know you care about doing your best in everything you do.  

To help you fit in a life around work, and work around your life, we can offer shorter shifts, twilight shifts and flexible working arrangements.


"Working shorter shifts might be the best way for you to keep your clinical skills up to date to stay ahead of nurse revalidation."

Donna Green, Chief Nurse


We offer 6, 8 or 12 hour shifts. Twilight shifts are from 4pm to 10pm and are popular with our staff who are working parents.

text 80800If you would like to continue to care and be a part of our family, talk to us about how we can help you. 




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Chief Nurse Review

By flicking through the Chief Nurse Review 2016/17 you'll see how our patients are at the heart of what we do.  If you care, we will try to find a role to suit you.

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We are looking for qualified nurses to work with us at our Basingstoke hospital.

We are looking for qualified nurses to work with us at our Winchester hospital.

I was struggling for time but I didn't want to leave and lose my NMC registration.  Working shorter shifts means I stay competent and coming in for the busy dinner period really helps out my colleagues.