We have X-ray facilities at all of the Hampshire Hospitals Sites, click here for information on opening times. Your GP will let you know where to attend for your x-ray.

An X-ray is a commonly used procedure that produces 2D images of the inside of your body. X-rays are used to diagnose conditions or monitor existing conditions. They are usually carried out in hospital x-ray departments by trained specialists called radiographers. 


If you have been referred for an x-ray, our admin team will be in touch via post or phone with your appointment.

If you require a Chest X-ray, you do not need an appointment. Please come straight to one of the below sites:

  • Royal Hampshire County Hospital (9am to 12pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) 
  • Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital (9am to 12pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays)
  • Andover War Memorial (9am to 12pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays)
  • Alton Community Hospital ( Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays2pm to 4pm)


No specific preparation is normally needed and you can eat and drink normally and continue taking any regular medication before your appointment.

Try to avoid wearing jewellery and clothes containing metal, such zips and bra clasps. If required, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown.

Your appointment letter will detail any specific requirements.

If you are pregnant, or you think you might be, you must tell the radiographer before your exam.

People are often concerned about being exposed to radiation during an X-ray. However, the part of your body being examined will only be exposed to a low level of radiation for a fraction of a second.

The benefits and risks of having an X-ray will be weighed up before it's recommended. Talk to your doctor or radiographer about the potential risks beforehand if you have any concerns.

You can find out more about X-rays on the NHS website.

Your X-Rays will be looked at by a radiologist or reporting radiographer. The results will be sent to the doctor who referred you.

The radiographer will tell you how to get your results and how long it will take, as it might be different for each patient. 

Please contact the doctor who referred you to arrange a time to talk about the results and any treatment you need.

If you're staying in hospital, the results will be given to the doctors looking after you on the ward.