At HHFT we have an ambition to increase research and innovation. We are working with a number of partners to increase our potential in both research and innovation: including Universities, business and local health and social care networks. We want to enhance the support to clinicians in developing and partaking in research projects, developing intellectual property and evaluating innovative technologies. As well as improving the health economy, research active institutions have better patient outcomes.

We would like to see more HHFT clinicians involved with developing and delivering research and we realise that clinicians need time and support to develop their ideas.

Clinical academic posts – external funding
There are opportunities for clinicians to increase the amount of paid time they can spend on clinical research. The UKRI offers clinical academic research partnerships (last years competition is now closed, but details given for reference). These partnerships provide funding for up to 50% of your salary to facilitate clinical research development. (You may want to encourage Band 6 and above staff in your department to apply. Research-qualified healthcare professionals at consultant level or equivalent who are not currently undertaking any substantial research activity are eligible
. Both Winchester and Southampton Universities have offered to provide honorary academic contracts. They are also keen to develop partnerships and mentoring of new academics.

Clinical academic posts – “internal” funding
We have appointed a business manager (Roxana Andrusca) who can help you prepare a business case to support clinical research activity. Being involved in commercially funded research allows you to build a pot of funding that can then be used towards supporting specialist staff, equipment, training and clinical fellows as well as sessional time for future research activity. Please discuss these opportunities within your department to see if a collective approach can be developed and we will endeavour to support.

The research department are looking at ways in which we can invest in clinicians that want to develop their research portfolios. This includes supporting your junior and non-medical staff to develop their research training. Opportunities include funding for MRES diplomas, clinical fellowship awards and we hope to be able to offer competitive pump priming funding.

Recognising your research contribution within your job plan
If you are actively involved in clinical research this should be reflected in your job plan and SPAs allocated appropriately. In particular, the additional responsibility when being a chief or principle investigator should be recognised as part of your SPA. We would like all departments to have at least one clinician that is the lead research contact. Research is now firmly placed on the CQC agenda and all divisions and departments will be quizzed on their research activity. NHS organisations including all levels of management are keen to support and increase their research activity. 

Develop your own research
Within the research department we are building support to help you develop your own projects. Tory Corner and Amanda Lees have the skills to help you develop trial protocols and grant applications. Amanda has come to us from the University of Winchester and has a lot of links to their academics.

Further support and advice is available from the wider research team, Natasha Chigbo - Head of Research, Siobhan Laws - Research Director and Professor John Ramage – Deputy Research Director .

Please contact us.