The Rotherwick Foundation Cardiac Unit provides high quality care in a professional but relaxed and friendly environment.

The nurses, doctors, radiographers and cardiac physiologists are a highly trained and experienced team who care for patients undergoing cardiac angiography, cardiac angioplasty, permanent pacemaker insertion, cardiac devices and other cardiac tests on a day case basis. We are also able to provide invasive pressure monitoring of lesions in coronary arteries to aid diagnosis. The unit is located adjacent to the Coronary Care Unit on the first floor of the Sherborne Building.

The service also includes primary angioplasty as an emergency treatment for heart attack patients 24/7. As one of the first in the UK to provide this vital service the unit is able to deliver high quality treatment and care swiftly and efficiently in order to reduce the potential damage caused by a heart attack to heart muscle.

The department has close links with Mr Tony De Souza, cardiac surgeon from the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, so that patients who are referred for surgery receive a comprehensive service with regular clinics at Basingstoke and a local cardiac rehabilitation programme.

As part of the cardiology department, the team are committed to continued professional development to enhance and improve our skills, always putting the patients and their relatives at the centre of our service.

Over the next few years our challenge is to expand our service to continue to meet the heart health needs of our local population.