Our staff

WOW! Award Winner - Harriet Smith

“Harriet was very caring for my Grandad when he was admitted into Basingstoke hospital. What amazed me, and the rest of the family, is how Harriet cared for Grandad in other ways than just giving his medication and taking his observations. It was the tender way she spoke to him, stroked his head, made him comfortable. It is all a family could wish for knowing that someone was taking such good care of our loved one in what turned out to be his final days. 

“Harriet was also very caring and lovely towards us, the family members. She made sure to call my mum with updates and offered us tea and the support when needed. We were all so glad that Harriet was there the day Grandad passed away. She couldn't have dealt with the situation in a more considerate and professional manner than she did.”

WOW! Award Winner - The Firvale respite care unit

“My daughter has recently started to access Firvale for respite on the health side and I have been overwhelmed by how wonderful all the staff are. 

“I know she has the best time when she goes there being looked after by such a caring team that put her first in all they do. She has settled in so well and the team have really taken the time and effort to get to know her. She truly loves spending time there and we are very grateful. Thank you so much to the team and Justin for your support.”

WOW! Award Winner - Katie Le Roux

 “I wanted to nominate Katie Le Roux for acting in a very professional, empathetic and calm manner to a complex patient diagnosis.

She showed great care towards the patient, ensuring her case was attended to with great urgency.

She interpreted plots and communicated the findings to us in a very timely manner so that the patient could be admitted to hospital urgently to start the treatment and communicate the diagnosis in person.

She acted fully according to our Trust values, showing a great deal of compassion towards the patient.”


WOW! Award Winner - Basing Unit

“After being told I was having to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer, my first thoughts was of bleak days ahead. 

“However, the staff on the Basing Unit make it so much easier. From the two lovely receptionists, the cheerful healthcare assistants, the exceptional tea and sandwich lady, to the nurses on the unit who are patient, kind and always ready to answer questions. They all guided me through a very scary period of my life and I am very grateful to all on the unit for being by my side.”

WOW! Award Winner - David Townley

"Every week we see David the plaster man and he's always happy, laughing with all his patients even during busy shifts. 

Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. He's a credit to the hospital and the health service. More people could take a leaf out of his book. We just want to say a big thank you to David for all his help throughout these weeks.”