Our staff

WOW! Award Winner - Mandy Fitzgerald-Barron and the cardiac rehabilitation team

“After attending the Winchester Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic years ago, I was required to attend for a second time.

“The clinical team are brilliantly led by Mandy Fitzgerald-Barron and Liz Britton, and supported by nursing and physiotherapy staff, and three wonderful volunteers, Richard, Beryl and Maggie. 

“I cannot praise highly enough the support, care, concern and attention that I have been given during all this time, particularly by Mandy and Liz. I will always be grateful to Mandy, Liz and their team for persevering and not giving up on me. Having been so long on the course, I now regard them as friends and will miss them and the course, which is so beneficial for people who have suffered heart disease. Thank you.”

WOW! Award Winner - Sharon Burrowes

“Without having to prompt or ask, Sharon is there cleaning up after people, ensuring all children are fed and making sure the ward is well stocked, the list goes on! 

“There are so much ‘behind the scenes’ jobs that Sharon does and she deserves to be recognised for her really hard work.”

WOW! Award Winner - Heather Scott and Elizabeth Hibbert

“The dementia team were called to see a very upset and scared lady. Heather responded and attended the ward immediately despite no official referral. Both Heather and Lizzie were wonderful with the lady, so patient and kind, spending around an hour with her to allay her fears. 

“They both came back later on to escort this lady to theatres as she was scared. They encompassed our hospital values and could not have provided better care.”

WOW! Award Winner - Sean Thomson and Anne Marie Godfrey

“Sean and Anne-Marie were out on a home visit driving back to the hospital when they came across a member of the public who had collapsed in the road. 

“They stopped the car and ran over to help out the patient, using their knowledge of patient assessment to assess her level of consciousness and make her safe until an ambulance arrived.

“As a team we would like to nominate them for a wow award. They both remained calm and acted highly professionally whilst on duty outside of the hospital environment.

“The persons mentioned and their actions demonstrate what fantastic staff we have within the hospital and are an asset to our team and the Trust.”

WOW! Award Winner - Pharmacy dispensary team

“The Basingstoke pharmacy dispensary team have gone above and beyond, dealing with challenging situations during the installation of our new pharmacy robot, all whilst maintaining an effective and timely service to the wards. They have been absolute stars and should be commended for their hard work."