Equality statements

Chairman and Chief Executive's message

As Chairman and Chief Executive of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity and diversity. Leading by example, we aim to ensure that equality, diversity and human rights are embedded in all areas of our employment, planning and service delivery.

We strive to provide excellence in all we do and recognise the value that diversity brings. We are committed to ensuring that as an employer of choice, all our employees are treated with dignity and respect and given equal opportunity and encouragement to progress and develop within the organisation, according to their potential.

We will also ensure that we provide healthcare services that are accessible, responsive and appropriate for the diverse communities we serve and that we treat patients and visitors by our set of core principles including dignity, respect, fairness and equality.

We will seek to:

  • Create a working environment where all employees are able to work effectively and successfully, free from discrimination or harassment, with the opportunity to develop their full potential;
  • Work with our employees, our Foundation Trust members and the local community in the development, implementation, review and refinement of our employment practices and healthcare services to promote equality of opportunity, eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote good relations and positive attitudes between or towards people of different groups;
  • Ensure that our policies, procedures and services do not discriminate against any individual or group.

Elizabeth Padmore, Chairman

Alex Whitfield, Chief Executive



Joint statement

Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, together with local staff representatives who are members of the Trust’s Partnership forum, would like to confirm and reassure our staff, patients and visitors that we are jointly committed to ensuring that everybody has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

We will not tolerate any deliberate acts or form of discriminatory incidents which includes racial abuse. This is enshrined in the Trust’s Equality & Diversity Policy Statement.

If any discriminatory or racist behaviour is encountered or witnessed within the trust we would encourage staff to report this either to their line manager or via any other route within the Trust.

Patients and visitors can report incidents to the senior member of staff on the ward/department they are in, or to the Trust’s Customer Care Team. All incidents will be investigated and dealt with in line with the relevant Trust policies.