Royal Hampshire County Hospital provides a full range of general hospital services including accident and emergency, general and specialist surgery, general medicine, intensive care, rehabilitation, chemotherapy, diagnostic services, out-patient clinics and paediatric care.

The site also houses Florence Portal House (which provides maternity, neonatal, breast screening and some gynaecology services) and an education centre.

Royal Hampshire County Hospital runs an Outpatient Department from Monday till Friday located on Level B of Burrell Wing.

The hospital is in Romsey Road, approximately a mile from Winchester city centre, and is signposted.

The hospital is approximately 20 minutes walk from the mainline train station. It is a steep, uphill walk from the station and the centre of Winchester, but a number of local buses stop by the hospital from the Broadway in Winchester.

The main bus station is situated opposite the Guildhall on the Broadway. You may also catch a bus from City Road/Rail station.

Please check the Stagecoach Website for timetables.

Park and ride
There are three car parks off the M3 providing 780 spaces at Barfield and St Catherine’s, junction 10 and 864 spaces at South Winchester, junction 11.

The Park and Ride bus route from Barfield and St Catherine’s stops at The Castle (Hampshire County Council’s headquarters), and then along Romsey Road to the hospital and on to the South Winchester Park and Ride via Badger Farm. Visitors who park in the South Winchester Park and Ride can take the bus back along the same route, stopping at the hospital and beyond to Barfield and St Catherine's.

For further information (including routes) please visit Winchester Park and Ride website.

​​​​​​​Patients and visitors to Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester are reminded not to use the parking facilities of Hillier Garden Centre on Romsey Road. The Hillier's car park is for the exclusive use of their customers.

Parking space at the RHCH is extremely limited; where possible, we encourage patients and visitors to make use of the local park and ride facilities located at Barfield/St Catherine's and South Winchester which have a direct bus transfer to the Hospital.  Details about the service are available from

Patient parking is available in the following areas:

  • Butterfield Wing - Level 6 of the multi-storey car park (barrier controlled, pay on exit)
  • Brinton Wing - Level 6 of the multi-storey car park (barrier controlled, pay on exit)
  • Nightingale Wing - Queens Road (pay and display) or Level 6 of the multi-storey car park (barrier controlled, pay on exit)
  • Burrell Wing - Maternity (pay and display) or Queens Road car park (pay and display)
  • Maternity - Maternity (pay and display) or Queens Road car park (pay and display)
  • Outpatients/ENT - Level 6 of the multi-storey car park (barrier controlled, pay on exit

Duration of Stay Parking charge
Up to 30 minutes  Free
30 minutes – 1 hour £2.20
1 – 2 hours £3.30
2 – 3 hours £4.40
3 – 4 hours £5.50
4 – 5 hours £6.50
5 – 6 hours £7.50
6 – 8 hours £8.50
8 – 12 hours £13.00
12 – 24 hours £17.00
Over 24 hours  + respective charges


Please click here for further details on parking charges. 

Parking concessions are in place, in line with Government guidelines.

Our security team is responsible for patrolling car parks. Because we have limited parking space, it is important that only people having business at the hospital park on site.

Breach of parking conditions may lead to a £60 civil penalty charge notice being issued. The reason for issue is always recorded and photographs of the vehicle are taken as evidence. The charge is reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days of issue.

Penalty charge notice appeals guidance - pdf

Penalty charge notice appeal form - pdf

Free parking is available for the following patients and visitors at all three of our hospitals:

•    A disabled person is a holder of a valid Blue Badge attending hospital as a patient or visitor or is a disabled person employed by the hospital trust. Disabled patients and visitors receive free parking for the duration of their attendance at, or visit to, the hospital. Disabled employees receive free parking whilst at the hospital for purposes relating to their employment. 

Please click here for details. 

•    Parking will be provided free to all outpatients who attend hospital for an appointment at least 3 times within a month and for an overall period of at least 3 months. A ‘month’ is defined as a period of 30 days. 

•    The parent of a child in hospital overnight is a parent or guardian of a child or young person, under 18 years of age, who is admitted as an inpatient at hospital overnight.
•    They receive free parking between the hours of 7.30pm and 8.00am while visiting the child. This would apply to a maximum of 2 vehicles.

Gravely Sick is defined as ‘If someone is gravely sick that have an illness with a high risk of dying but dying is not guaranteed as it would be with being terminally ill. It is up to ward staff to interpret this in line with the patients’ sickness and expectation of recovery. 
•    Relatives of patients in any of the above groups.
•    Carers of patients in any of the above groups.
•    Cancer Patients with a confirmed cancer diagnosis and attending hospital for   chemotherapy treatment. 

The definition of terminal illness is an illness or condition which cannot be cured and is likely to lead to the death of a patient. Palliative Care is a patient requiring support at end of life. 
•    Relatives of patients in any of the above groups.
•    Carers of patients in any of the above groups.

Visiting information can be found here