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Elderly Care
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Older Persons Rapid Assessment
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Please note that the dermatology service supports acute dermatology.  Cosmetic and benign referrals will need to be supported by individual funding requests. 

The wait to be seen for dermatology is currently 4-5 months for routine appointments.  Please support the service by ensuring referrals provide details on the history of the skin condition including site, size and location and previous treatments which will enable the consultant team to respond to referrals through ERS with advice and guidance to support patients sooner.  

Dietetics and nutrition

Referral criteria - (Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital)

Referral criteria - (Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester)

Hampshire weight reduction programme (POWER)

Wessex Academic Health Science Network - Nutrition in older people



NHS Funded Fertility Treatment varies enormously across the UK; current provision across England is determined by:

  1. Which CCG your GP practice is associated with (this information can be obtained directly from your GP surgery). Criteria are determined by your local CCG and this is subject to change
  2. NHS England for Armed forces funding only

(The hospital trust has no control or influence on any policy changes and no responsibility for any changes associated with these web site links below)

 Further information can be obtained from the following links:

There is an essential requirement for all funding to follow a defined treatment pathway and any associated forms must be completed by an NHS Fertility Specialist to apply for funding.

Andrology Referral Form - Wessex Fertility

Semen Analysis Referral Procedure - North and West Hampshire CCG

NHS Semen Analysis - Semen Sample Production Patient Information


Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy

Criteria for referrals to Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit 

Please note the Early Pregnancy Unit is a rapid access service for stable women.  Women who are unwell or bleeding heavily should be referred to ED or the on call gynaecologist via switchboard for urgent assessment. 

From 5 November 2018, 8.00am-19.30pm Monday to Friday referrals can be made by calling 07827 234119 (Basingstoke) or 01962 824484 (Winchester). Calls will be answered by a trained nurse where possible, except when the nurse is attending to patient care. 

  • Alternatively, please call the EPAU office on 01256 314865 or 01256 312766. 
  • Out of Hours, the Women’s Health Unit, Basingstoke can be contacted for an appointment on 01256 313583/4 or Anthony Letchworth ward, Winchester on 01962 824484

Following a previous ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy or following 2+ miscarriages, patients can self-refer to the unit.

All other patients must be referred by a healthcare professional.

Referral Criteria

All patients must have a positive urine pregnancy test in the last 7 days and be less than 13/40 and have any of the following:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Abdominal pain (suspected non-acute ectopic)
  • Known risk factors for ectopic- IUD insitu, previous PID, tubal surgery, tubal damage
  • Last two consecutive pregnancies ending in miscarriage (Arrange scan for 7-8/40)
  • Previous ectopic pregnancy. (Arrange scan for 6-7/40)
  • Previous molar pregnancy. (Arrange scan for 8/40)
  • Post TOP or post surgical management with persistent bleeding
  • Advice on management following a private USS

Important information

When accepting a referral we need to know the following details:

  • Patients full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Last Menstrual Period (LMP)
  • Date of pregnancy test.

Referrals above 13/40- can be made to Maternity Day Assessment Unit.

Basingstoke - 01256 313351

Winchester - 01962 824744

Opening hours Monday to Friday 08.00-20.30

Saturday and Sunday  10.00- 16.30

Urgent scans at the weekend for MDAU are generally on a Saturday at Winchester and a Sunday at Basingstoke. But please check at time of referral.

Helpful information

Please advise full bladder if over 8 weeks.

Transvaginal scan is carried out (with consent ) under 8 weeks.

Please advise children are not permitted into the scan room so it is essential that alternative arrangements are made.  


Haemophilia, Haemostasis and Thrombophilia



Orthodontics referral form - over 18

Orthodontics referral form - standard

Dental Electronic Referral System (DeRS):

Please note that Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will commence using the DeRS system to receive all Orthodontic referrals from 7th February 2020. All Dental referrals must be sent through this system in order to be processed.

Please note that the Central Referral Centre (CRC) will only be in place for a short time after the transition to DeRS. Practices are encouraged to provide as much information as possible on their DeRS referral to enable the teams to triage patients appropriately to see the right clinician in a time appropriate to their clinical urgency.


COVID-19 - Specific GP guidance on prescribing oral DMARDs and monitoring blood tests

For patients on oral DMARDs with stable blood test [in the past three months], GPs to kindly prescribe the next three months’ supply of patient’s medication. 

For stable patients on a single biological agent, we are happy for blood tests to be undertaken on a six monthly basis. 

For stable patients on single oral DMARD, we are happy for blood tests to be undertaken on a six monthly basis.

For stable patients on combination DMARDs [i.e: methotrexate and sulfasalazine; leflunomide and sulfasalazine; methotrexate and leflunomide] we are happy for blood tests to be undertaken on a three monthly basis.

Click here to read a list of frequently asked questions put together for rheumatology patients


Shared guidelines for Methotrexate

Shared guidelines for Leflunomide

Early arthritis clinic referral form

Osteoporosis - Medical managemnet of men and women who have (or are at risk of) Osteoporosis

Denosumab Prescribing Information Sheet (for Osteoporosis)

Guidelines on duration of therapy with denosumab 60mg for osteoporosis


Rheumatology Practitioner service

Advice Line

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital - 01256 313117

Royal Hampshire County Hospital - 01962 824256

Consultant Secretaries

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital - 01256 312768

Royal Hampshire County Hospital - 01962 828906