The Trust is facing an unprecedented challenge during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our resources are being diverted away from non-critical tasks and therefore, responses to FOI requests are likely to take longer than usual during this extraordinary period.  We will endeavour to reply as soon as reasonably possible.  We thank you for your understanding.


The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 aims to ensure you are confident in the way Hampshire Hospitals is run. The FOI Act lets you ask whether we hold the information you are seeking and if we do, can a copy be shared?

Maintaining patient confidentiality under the FOI Act continues to be an important commitment by the Trust. To help with this the Trust has appointed someone who is called a Caldicott Guardian who is responsible for ensuring Data Protection 2018 is upheld.

The FOI Act covers most pre-existing records on the inner workings of the Trust. You cannot use the FOI Act to obtain your own personal records – this will need to be done through Access to Medical Records. If you would like to access heath records, please click here.

Making an FOI Request

Some of the information you want may already be publically available on our website. For example, we have a publication scheme that we regularly update with our financial data and Trust policies. Please follow this link to view our publication scheme.

Your request must be made in writing and must contain your full name in order for it to be processed. We prefer to receive requests via email at for monitoring purposes but will also accept postal requests to: Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, Aldermaston Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 9NA.

Hampshire Hospitals endeavours to provide a response within 20 working days. If we do not hold the information requested, we will inform you. There are also limits to releasing some information, known as exemptions. If an exemption applies to your request, this will be explained in our response.