We hope your stay will be as comfortable as possible.

This section gives you and idea of what to expect during your stay, the relevant people to contact and what you should do if you need more information or help.

You will receive an automated reminder call from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust seven days before your appointment. Please be aware that this will show as coming from the following number: 0300 772 9733

This automated call will indicate which hospital your appointment will take place at and will also offer you the opportunity to confirm, rebook or cancel your appointment. If you don't make a selection from one of the options that you hear, the service will try to reach you again over the course of the following days.

If a mobile telephone number has been provided, a text message reminder will be sent three days before your appointment.

Please be aware that if you have a smartphone, the text message may show on your home screen. If you are concerned about people seeing this message, you will need to adjust the options on your phone to stop the message flashing up.

For more information about your outpatients appointment click here

All patients being treated at Hampshire Hospitals have the right, if they wish, to have a chaperone present. This includes the right to expect a chaperone of the same sex as themselves.

If you wish to have a chaperone present during any appointment or examination, speak to the clinician in charge of your care.

We work in partnership with local universities and colleges to support the learning and development of a wide range of students, including Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals.

They will identify themselves to you so you know they’re a student and will wear appropriate ID badges, either from the trust or their respective college or university.

Please speak to the nurse in charge if you have any objections about being cared for by students during your stay with us.