Gynaecology and EPAU

Early pregnancy assessment unit (EPAU)

We would like to highlight the following points:

  • Referrals will be acted on by the close of the working day.
  • Any urgent referrals that need assessment the same day must be discussed with the on call doctor in the EPAU on bleep 1160. Please provide a referral letter to the patient to bring with them. (This includes gynaecology emergencies.) 

Please ensure that the patient has been clinically assessed in the surgery to ensure safe management of the referral.

Please can patients be informed that the wait for an appointment can sometimes be several days (depending on the clinic workload). We fully appreciate the concerning nature of having to wait and EPAU will always do their best to accommodate.

There seems to be a high expectation that they will be seen the same day and this is not always possible. These comments are being reflected in patient feedback.

A positive pregnancy test must be recorded within the last seven days as referrals to the clinic will not be accepted without this. This should be recorded prior to the referral.

Please advise patient that if less than 8 weeks pregnant, a transvaginal scan maybe required.  Above 8 weeks, patients will need to attend with a full bladder.

Once the referral has been accepted we are happy for the patient to call the unit direct should there be any changes in their symptoms.

Requests for dating scans must be referred to the maternity scan department (01256 314776) as these cannot be accommodated in EPAU.

Guidelines for early pregnancy management are available via

If there are any queries please do not hesitate to contact us 

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updated 3 February 2017