Winners 2009

Individual nurse / midwife

Alicia Sabio

Alicia Sabio, Staff nurse, Intensive care unit


Nominated by: Julie Harper.

I spent a week in ICU after a cancer operation. I was fearful, helpless and as dependant as a baby. Every movement was painful for me. Alicia, always smiling, delivered my personal care, turned me, carried out medical procedures and bodily transferred me between bed and chair with the minimum amount of pain. She treated me with compassion, respect and dignity. Being nursed by Alicia when I was acutely ill and vulnerable was one of the most profound experiences of my life. She made me feel so safe. A year later my husband was admitted to ICU with a life threatening condition. The skilled nursing care he received from Alicia helped him to survive. For Alicia, treating patients with empathy and compassion is not just part of her job but a way of being.   She sees patients as people first and goes above and beyond in caring for them. She is a credit to her profession.

Individual nurse / midwife

Mandy Bayliss

Mandy Bayliss, Sister, Coronary care unit


Nominated by: Jenny Murray

I would like to nominate Mandy Bayliss for an individual nursing award because she has outstanding skills. Mandy is a natural leader for her team, she has high standards, but these are displayed within a relaxed atmosphere. Her team are then clearly motivated by her calm attitude and they follow her lead.

Mandy cared for my father last year, when he was extremely ill, I just knew when I left him in her care that he was in the best possible place during the times that I was not around. When it came to the worse telephone call, Mandy was calm, allowed me to ask any questions and gave me answers that allowed me to get to the hospital with my mind prepared for what I had to face.

Eventually, there was no hope for life being sustainable for my beloved father. Mandy was there to greet us, she had given him a bed bath, shave, combed his hair etc and he looked his best in clean sheets and gown. We had a long final day with my father being in and out of consciousness. Mandy was in the background if we needed anything, she advised us to take breaks at this time again she would deliver her Tender Loving Care to him on our behalf and on our return again he would be freshened up and presented lovely.

Mandy and a couple of her staff were on duty when my father passed away and they were wonderful to us. If there were such a pleasant passing of life my father had this in Mandy’s care, we could not ask for anything better. It was totally peaceful and with the utmost dignity and professionalism we were not rushed at all.

I am left with a feeling of complete calm on his passing and part of this comfort within me, I attribute to his care within CCU. The doctors and staff are dedicated and professional in their jobs, still keeping at a personable level that allowed for the flexibility as the events unfolded.

I know that my father would have encouraged me to nominate Mandy on his behalf as she was so genuinely kind to him, he lacked mobility and had poor speech but he knew if she was on duty and I was not around that she knew his needs. She built up a real rapport with him that made his final days comfortable for him.

The North Hampshire Hospitals Trust has one true Angel in a nurse such as Mandy and I can only use this platform to ‘shout from the rooftops’ and allow her the highest praise and recognition for this exceptional nurse.

It would give me a real sense of pride to see Mandy presented with such an award for hard working, hands on approach to caring. It would also be an emotional experience as I know my father would be so extremely grateful for her recognition, a genuine return of thanks.


Nominated by: Mrs P Heywood

Mandy looked after my husband (Tony) last August 09. He was treated with love and kindness, he knew he was in good hands. I cannot praise her enough, he was frightened but Mandy would hold his hand and talk to him, after he died she then turned to me and my daughters and helped us through a difficult time, she was a true angel, she did her job very well, I would like to praise her for a nomination in my eyes she is the Tops!


Nominated by: Pierre Hostein

I would like to nominate Mandy for the Nursing Awards because of her true dedication and sheer professionalism in a role, which is so demanding and emotionally challenging.

Mandy showed such loving care for the last days of Tony’s life, whilst also understanding the grief and sorrow of family and friends. Mandy was so easy to talk to, taking time with each and everyone of us, keeping our minds at rest with the reassurance of knowing everything possible was being done for Tony.

We are so grateful for Mandy, she is without doubt one of the nicest people in this world, and a huge credit to the medical staff in the NHS.


Nominated by: G Schaufler

When my good friend Tony Haywood was in the hospital, Mandy was in attendance for much of that time. She not only showed great understanding for what Tony was going through but was of great help to those people who were there. Her strength was there for all to see and it was comforting for the family and friends. Tony passed away knowing that Mandy made it a lot easier for all.

Individual nurse / midwife

Lynette WilliamsLynette Williams, Community midwife


Nominated by: Catherine Tuck

The midwifery team that were involved in the delivery of my daughter 4 months ago were all fantastic, however I feel that Lynette deserves particular praise due to the care and professionalism that she provided. Like most first time mothers, I was nervous and apprehensive about giving birth abut Lynette was there when I arrived at the hospital and was helpful, kind and considerate which immediately put me at ease. When I was back at home with my baby, Lynette was the community midwife that visited and she arrived at a time when I was feeling particularly low and desperate as I was having trouble with breastfeeding.

It was really important to me that I could breastfeed my baby but I had reached a point where I was about to give up.   Lynette not only offered sound advice but demonstrated a genuine willingness to help which gave me the confidence and skills to carry on. She also gave me her personal contact number and even cam back to assist after her shift was over. I feel that this is over and above what would normally be expected from nursing staff and I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to her.

Nursing or midwifery team

Breast care nursing teamBreast care nursing team


Nominated by: Mary Trigg

These ladies continually go above and beyond the call of duty. They have such a tough job. They care – its obvious. They know when to sympathise, cajole, encourage, cheer you up. They made my experience of breast cancer bearable. They were, are and continue to be my rocks. They are a credit to their profession.

Nominated by: Alistair Trigg

For the caring way they have treated my wife during her illness. They were always there for her and I feel they went beyond their call of duty.

Nominated by: Jennifer Rennie

I would like to nominate the above because throughout my treatment and diagnosis, their care and dedication has been second to none.

Nominated by: Christine Turner

The reason why I nominate them all is following my call back after a mamogram, the Breast Care nurses have been fantastic, nothing is to much trouble for them, they give me as much time as I need to talk, never make me feel like I am being silly or a nuisance, they bring a smile and comfort at what is a very difficult time, I have only been diagnosed since February and I already feel like they are old friends, who are always there when I need them.

Nominated by: Susan Spreadbury

For their devoted attention and good natured approach to patients.

Nominated by: Rosemary Osborne

Because they are very caring.

Nominated by: Carole Norris

They are so thorough, all staff are very caring and supportive, sensitive to your feelings.

Nominated by: Anne Quinn

Because they were really kind. They are a great team and I felt like I was in good hands.

Nominated by: Gail McLellan

They have been magnificent support over this passed year to me following my breast cancer. They have been caring, supportive and unstinting in the time they have given, whenever contacted. In particular, having been recently widowed prior to my second operation, I believe it would be very difficult to find a more understanding and caring team and I shall always be heavily grateful to each. They are a tonic in their happy, friendly approach which allows patients to have confidence in bounty.

Nursing or midwifery team

Isolation ward nursing teamIsolation ward nursing team


Nominated by: Mr A J Rolfe 

I was transferred to the Isolation Ward from ICU on Christmas Day and from what my family say I was not the best tempered patient there ever was! I abused both family and staff from the outset. I would just like to say it wasn’t like me to be like this (it was the medication) and the staff took it all in their stride. Not once did any of them lose their temper or professional attitude with me. When I settled down to the routine of the ward, I couldn’t move my arms or legs and needed constant care which the staff were prepared to give but it would stretch their staffing levels, so my family suggested that they could feed me and wash me, to which the Sister (Sue) agreed and my family did it on a rota basis. All of the staff were so friendly and knew everybody on a first name basis. This was from the Ward Sister through to the cleaner. I also think that this was the standard required by the Ward sister.

I would also like to thank the person who decided to put two full time Physio’s onto this new ward. As far as I am concerned I had one to one therapy from Will Amor and Emma Jenkins which speeded my recovery three fold, thus making my stay in hospital shorter. Throughout my illness I was (and still am) getting so much encouragement from the staff and also my family. Another thing I must add is my wife came up everyday as well as doing a full time job and she was close to being exhausted, this was also picked up by the Ward Sister Sue, who took my wife into the office and gave her advice and told her to slow down to which she did. But, it just goes to show what a caring team they are on the Isolation Ward and I think they deserve recognition for what they have achieved in such a short time.

My experience of hospitals is pretty limited but I enjoyed my stay in the Isolation Ward and the food wasn’t that bad either! Not once was I bored, I had a couple of down days but there was always a nurse I could talk to who would pick me up no end. So please consider the whole team for recognition, they deserve it!

Nominated by: Edward Pearce

Perfect care, could not wish for any better. If I was marking you could not be any better than 10/10.

Nominated by: Patrick Barnard

The staff tended to my brother, Ian Barnard, with such devotion, compassion and professionalism that he spent his last days in as much comfort and peace as was humanly possible. My brother was mostly unaware of the attention he required, but I feel indebted to everyone of the staff in the Isolation Ward for all you did for my brother.

To the nurses in the Isolation Ward:

Thank you all for the great compassion and sensitive care you gave my brother Ian during the last few days on his life. Although during his very last days he may not have been able to appreciate all you did for him, I certainly do. You were kindness itself and Ian could not have been in safer hands. I cannot praise you enough.

My personal thanks also to doctors Elio, Ben and Emily. I know there was little you could do medically for my brother, but your care and attention to his needs gave him comfort and peace and for that I admire you and thank you.

With all good wishes to every one of you in the Isolation Ward.

Nominated by: Brian Campbell

I was moved to the Isolation Ward in January 09 as I needed to be isolated due to an infection. I have a long standing medical condition which mans I am unable to care for myself. I found all of the nursing staff brilliant and was able to communicate all of my needs to them. My stay has been longer than anticipated due to health set backs. My discharge has been very complicated but the nursing staff have done everything possible to get me home and I hope to be home within the next week. This would not have been possible without the nursing team.

Nominated by: T Hart

I would like to nominate the Isolation Ward and all its staff for their care/nursing given to Doris Miles (my mother).

Her health started to improve almost immediately she was moved onto this ward just before Christmas.

The cleanliness was noted by patients and visitors alike which gave a feeling of safety and thoughtfulness.

Nothing was too much trouble which gave my family peace of mind while she was there.

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank them for everything they did to make my mother’s stay a pleasant and relaxed experience.

Nursing or midwifery team

Paediatric theatre and recovery teamPaediatric theatre and recovery team


Nominated by: Mrs McGilliveray

My 5 year old daughter was treated so well and as parents so were we! Nothing was too much trouble for any member of the team.

Nominated by: Clare Lea

They explained the procedure brilliantly to my son (5 years old) and made him feel really at home. They were all so helpful all day and never stopped smiling. My son came away leaving hospital and wanting to return.

Nominated by: Anne Reilly & Colleen Harris

Before the children’s day surgery service moved to the DTC, we thought we ran a pretty good service for the children, but now, 4 years on, we realise that we run a pretty exceptional service for the children and this is due to the excellent teamwork of all those who work in the DTC, who help our theatre lists to run smoothly and calmly.

Before moving to the DTC, we, as children’s nurses, had our hesitations as to how well our children’s day surgery service would continue to run and how well we would be accepted at ‘outsiders’ using the DTC only on a part time basis yet our fears were unfounded and we have felt as much a part of the team as those who work permanently in the DTC.

A smooth running list relies upon excellent communication, multidisciplinary working, liaising, negotiating and having an ability to understand each others workloads and priorities, all of which are currently demonstrated by the DTC theatre and recovery teams.

The anaesthetic room always has a relaxed atmosphere and the anaesthetic nurses always greet the children with a warm smile and spend a few moments to build a rapport with them and help them feel at ease. Roma in particular, keeps us entertain with his Spiderman impressions! They never complain when we ‘tweak’ the theatre list order or get a little delayed in bringing down a particular anxious child or parent.

Having a small and regular team of nurses working with the children, gives them a great consistency of care and a more positive experience, which in turn allows the theatre and recovery nursing teams to have a greater understanding of the needs of children and the confidence to work with them. This has so far enabled excellent collaborative working and helps us as children’s nurses, feel at ease too.

So how can we sum up the DTC theatre and recovery teams? Professional, hardworking, understanding, adaptable, approachable and a pleasure to work with!

Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane Award

Isolation ward nursing teamIsolation ward nursing team

Ann Daniels Memorial Award

Alicia Sabio DanielsAlicia Sabio, Staff nurse, Intensive care unit