BBC apologies

Tuesday 10 March 2015

BBC apologises

BBC Radio Berkshire’s breakfast show has today apologised to Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for using incomparable data in its news story.   The show quoted the total number of operations cancelled due to lack of beds at Hampshire Hospitals Trust, compared to the number of operations cancelled on the day (last minute cancellations) at Royal Berkshire Hospital.  These are two different data sets and cannot be compared.  The correct comparison for the number of operations cancelled on the day during January, is 37 for Royal Berkshire Hospital and 24 for Basingstoke Hospital.

Mary Edwards, Chief Executive at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “Postponing operations is only done when it is necessary for the safety of our patients.   We recognise the inconvenience postponing operations can cause our patients and therefore avoid last minute cancellations whenever possible. 

When our beds are full with emergency patients  we cannot safely or physically admit more.   Many of our emergency admissions are elderly patients who often need some on-going support either at home or in the community.  We work really closely with our social and community care partners to ensure we can get patients discharged as soon as they are well enough to leave our care

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